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Any recommendations for alternative to Flomax-like medications?

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I'm 61 years old. Was diagnosed with  low risk PC in Sept. 2011 and have chosen Active Surveillance. I had a saturation biopsy 5 weeks ago and am still having flow problems. I have tried Tamsulosin and Alfuzosin but experienced side effects (lightheadedness, blurred vision, cold like symptoms). Has anyone found an alternative to these drugs that doesn't have side effects?

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I've tried a variety of prescribed and  OTC medications to try to deal w/urinary urgency & frequency issues and none of them have worked for me.  So, I just carry a pee bottle in my car that I use quite often, even though my PCa has been treated and appears to be in remission. 

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Alpha blockers (prescribed for urinary problems) can reduce the blood pressure to less than normal levels. This is a typical side effect of these types of drugs, which causes light-headedness’s, particularly when one does an abrupt movement like standing up after lying down.

Typically doctors recommend taking low doses of the drug initially, increasing it little by little until one finds the best dose that does not cause the side effect.


Some patients also report different experiences with different alpha blockers, which you may try after consulting your doctor. You may take two of the older alpha blockers, Cardura (doxazocin) and Hytrin (terazosin), or move into a more common drug named Rapaflo (silodosin), discussed in this forum previously.

Hope it helps.


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My husband used to be on flomax and would often get dizzy, he was switched to rapaflo and has no side effects and it helped his flow.  However, that may not help you as I think that may be Tamsulosin.

Good luck

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Tamsulosin is Flomax.

Banner; can you be more specific about your symptoms?

What is the problem, too much pee or no pee at all?

Many guys use tea or coffee to get a proper flow. This is due to the caffeine that acts as a diuretic. However it must be taken hot (hot water). Cold drinks have less affect on urination.

I would recommend you to consult a medical herbalist. They may have something to fit your case. In Asia (China, Japan, etc.) the practice of treating maladies with medical herbs is ancient and very well established. Here is a link on; “Using herbs to treat bladder and urinary tract infection”


and this;




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Rapaflo made by Watson labs worked great for me.  I used it for about 7 months pre-op. 


Good Luck

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