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Here is one for the records sorry venting ot

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  I will be losing more teeth I be having a full upper denture and losing two more on my bottom back then deep cleaning. Plus becareful when you get slides for doc offices . I left a cancer doc due to insurance changing found a closer onco. Called asking for my slides to be sent to me so I can bring them to my new onco  got told we send them back to the hospital they came from you have no owner ship over them when they my body. I hope to shortly have a tempory denture made so I can eat and talk. My new hubby doesnt understand . Thinks I can handled it fine going longer with out teeth . This nightmare been going from this pass oct to long

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They can't refuse to give you your records. Go back to the doctor that you had. I'm sure he will help you get them. I never heard of such a thing or it never happened to me. Please let me know how you make out. I'm concerned for your health.

                                              peenutcat, Cathy

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I can really hear the frustration.  My understanding is that all your records belong to you...when you ask for the slides, do you mean the tissue slides?  or do you mean CT scans etc?  (It might be that thing where I call it a flower and you call it a weed.)  It could make a difference.  If your new doc makes the request will that work?  And finally can you get copies of the written report that goes with tissue samples and test results?  That should give your new doc enough info to proceed.

I hope you get the teeth situation resolved soon.  Good luck!



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When I made the appt to go to them to begin with I was threaten if I did get my records from the doc I had and the slides if any I wont be able to keep the appt so I could get the care I needed.The slides are tissue they were made against my wishes no permission was given for them to be made to be put into a study . I had to fight to get me out of the study. The hospital that had them were just holding them I ask for them to be thrown away . This journey was a nightmare to begin with. I had docs that didnt believe I couldnt understand what they had written. This hospital doesnt think you have any right to your records. I hope by next week to get my files so just incase they dont fax it to my new doc I can bring it with me. I was on the states medicaid now that is changed I am on medicare. I hope my bday to have my teeth 

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I can't even imabine Last jan (exactly year ago) I had my front tooth pulled from injury 10 yrs prior. I had invisilines with fake tooth for over 6mths..that drove me nuts...


Feel better



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