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How Does Someone with Cancer Rate Oneself as to General Health

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How often it is that I have had to rate my general health -- excellent, good, fair, poor.

Does having/having had cancer downgrade a person in how one's general health is rated?  Aside from dealing with bc the past year -- and now only having to have follow-up appointments and taking tamoxifen -- I feel as good, or even better than before. 

I had started to lose weight before all of my problems kicked in.  The weight loss was because I was making the effort to exercise more regularly AND to slacken off on things like ice cream too often.  I was already feeling better.  I really did not lose a lot more weight (aside from body parts) after my surgery -- a little, but not a lot.  Now I am trying to maintain, since I fit in my clothes so much better -- even with room to spare.

Anyhow, this is why it seems to me I ought to be able to rate my general health at least the level I was before the bc episode.  Anyone have any thoughts?

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Funny you ask...I recently went to walk in Dr and week later ER for illness-they ask over all  health..I said GOOD..then I say..WELL I had Breast Cancer 4 yrs ago...


I never know exactly...how to reply...I FEEL I am in good health..I have ulcertive colitis as well but when it is in so called remission I say GOOD>..as well



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Urgh!  I HATE that question!  :)

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I hear you.  I have to answer that question every year because I our health insurance changes every year and the new plan requires you to fill in a questionaire about your health.     I typically say 'good' because really it is not bad and I feel ok.   It is such a difficult question but I was talking with a coworker who misses a lot of work because she is ill (asthma, allergies, bronchitis etc) and she rates herself as good!!!   So really I don't know.  

Lynn Smith
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I was feeling much better before bc.I think about it but try to keep it on the back burner till its time for the mammos.Then I get a bit nervous.It's been almost 3 1/2 years so I think about it less.But when I do I would say I'm in  fair health.

BUT I do say I'm good when the medical staff asks then I think But "I did have Breast Cancer a few years ago".They always ask how are you doing. Of course my answer is OK BUT it's always on my mind.

I must say though with my recent long battle with bronchiiis(just now feeling better after 4 months) I tell my husband I think the Breast Cancer was easier than the bronchitis.Even told some healthcare people but they diagreed.  They think cancer is worse.I didn't feel so worn down with the bc but couldn't function with the bornchitis.

Lynn Smith  

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 Durring treatment I always felt decent except right after chemo and tired durring radiation.  I had said other than having cancer I am in good health.  I would then add I am in better health than my husband. 

I now say that before cancer I felt 10 years younger than my age.  I now feel my chronological age.  I have weight to loose in order to say that I am healthy.  Nonetheless I feel good and have stamina.  So I guess I would still rate that pretty good.

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I had a breast removed because of cancer . Could of saved it but didn't want to take radiation if I could get out of it.After surgery the oncologist said I had a 80% of  cancer not returning but if I took anastrozone it up it to 87% of it not coming back I consider that pretty good odd of not every having cancer again.Either way the odd are in my favor of no more cancer.

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