Hi from K1 and update

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I just wanted to check in and say hi to everyone. 

I spent the fall in physical therapy trying to deal with the nerve damage in my feet from oxaliplatin, which got worse for months after chemo.  Then, in December, after finishing three months of the physical therapy for my feet and general balance etc., I made the bold decision to have an elective surgery.  I has surgery to remove my ovaries, so that I would not ever have to worry about my colon cancer coming back in my ovaries, as it does for many women.

I did not get enthusiastic support for this surgery from most of my doctors, but I chose to do it anyway.  The cancer may recur again (as it has once already) in my liver, my lungs, my brain etc., but it now won't recur to my ovaries. 

My last MRI (in late November) showed a new suspicious spot on my liver.  It was recommended I have another MRI of my abdomen in three moths, so I am now waiting to hae that in late February.

That's where things are from me.  I'm in limbo. 

It was recommended I have the new CancerNext genetic test and I did so, but it takes about four months to get the results back and so I am waiting on that too.