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Period after Chemo

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago, went through chemo and radiation. I have not had a period in 2 years until yesterday. The flow is extremely HEAVY to point where I'm a little freaked out. Today, while at work (I'm a h.s. guidance counselor) and scheduling classes I had to change before each 90 minute class period because I could feel the blood pouring out of me. Gross I know, but I had to leave work early today because it went through! I was using double protection=pad & tampon.

Is this normal? I don't know what normal is anymore. I just know that it is so heavy that I'm constantly going to the restroom. I'll see my oncologist on Friday, but just wanted to hear from others who might be going through this or went through this.



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I don't know if it is normal after chemo but I used to have REALLY heavy periods like that and my Gyno gave me Naproxen Sodium (You can get it over the counter in ALEVE)  and it really slowed the bleeding.  I used it for years to control the flow.  The prescription dose was 550 mg and I weighed between 180-200 at the time.  FYI

I hope that helps!  I HATE that gushing feeling


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Dear Janet,

My periods never came back but I do remember a lot from my old BC Forum that many did have a return of their periods.  I had asked this very question myself when it looked like I was having a period.  My problem was the result of Tamoxifen which thicken my endometrial lining.  Eventually a D&C fixed my problem and being off Tamoxifen did help.

Are you on Tamoxifen?  

One lady I remember had her periods return and then amazingly went on to have two children.  She is still cancer free.  Another lady who I still am in touch with also had a child and her cancer did return.  They wanted children so... they were brave enough to have them.  

I'm glad you will see your oncologist and maybe an appointment with your gynecologist might be a good thing too.  Keep in touch.

Best of luck to you,



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It may be completely normal.  My periods took a holiday for about a years after chemo but then came back regular as clockwork.  I don't remember them being heavier than normal.  I would also make an appointment to see my gynecologist--especially if you are also on tamoxifen.  It is always better to be safe than sorry!

Lynn Smith
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I didn't need chemo or radiation and also had a hysterectomy.So this wouldn't affect me.My friend though had chemo and her periods stopped a short time after she started it.Never had a period after that.She though was 48 at the time.

If it continues I would see a doctor.Two years is a long time then suddenly bleeding.See your gynocolgist for a check up. Not sure if you take tamox but it can cause tumors and even uterine cancer.My doctor told me I was a good candidate to take tamox because I had a hysterectomy.No worries for uterine cancer with me.


Lynn Smith

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