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Three year check up. MMMT 1A

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Hi Guys, Just went for my 3 year check up.  Had a ct scan, complete blood work and chest xray.  All clean.  So what are those pains I still feel in my abdomen?  I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?

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That is sooo good Dear!!!! Lost your email during the up grade on the site.  I am so happy all is clear!  I'm right behind you!  Maybe the pains are scar tissue or adheshions from the surgery? With all you have been through I'd be wondering why you WEREN'T in pain! I'm sure some of the smarter ladies will be able to tell you.  Just enjoy the three years clear!  All the best, debrajo

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So glad you got a good report.  You deserve good news after all you have been through.  3 years NED is wonderful.  Continue to enjoy each day.  In peace and caring.

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Congrats on the good report!!  I'm MMMT C3 so we have a bit in common on type of cancer...very aggressive!!!  

Did you tell your doc about the pains in the abdomen?  I've been having these on/off for the past year....seems to be  more with what I eat.  I had external pelvic radiation and boy it did a number on my stomach/pelvic areas....basically dries up the ligaments, joints and bones...darn!!!  As we age too our bodies change, and mine has.  I used to be okay eating beans and lots of carbs, but when I go in overload such as pasta, I have cramps and stomach pains.  Beans the same.  Could you have something like diverticulitis which causes pockets in the intestines and very much affected by what you eat...causing harsh pains?  This might be diagnosed on a colonoscopy...had one recently???

I'm simply throwing out ideas and no clue what could be going on.   Might keep track of what you eat and see if you have some of the stomach pains after certain foods.  

Just had my checkup and CT results...mine even showed the degeneration in my hip and lower back areas, plus "large  volume of retained stool throughout the colon....no evidence of obstruction.  Did you see anything like this on your CT?

Best to you, keep plugging~~~



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Congrats on your 3 year NED.  Sorry you are having the abdominal pain.  I would look at Jan's message as something and watching what you eat as maybe a solution.  Have you talked with your dr about it?  Will keep you in my prayers to find a solution. trish

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Great news June. I'm about a year behind you and also MMMT 1a - pver two years after surgery and coming up to two years after chemo. I need to get a chest X ray soon and check up is next month (though I do not have routine CT). As for your pain, I don't know but could be adhesions? If the CT is clear then hopefully it's nothing worse than that. 

I continue with the Anti-Cancer diet - juices, berries, greens etc and am also on mistletoe therapy and vitamin D. Hoping these are contributing to my ongoing recovery.

Do keep in touch

Susan (London) x 

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Hi Nempark:

   Congratulations on remaining NED for 3 years!  That is such wonderful news.  I hope you continue to remain cancer free forever.

   I was diagnosed with UPSC Stage 1 in Feb. of 2011.  So far, I am NED as my latest cat scan was in November, and all was clear which was great news and for which I am so very thankful for.  My CA level was 7.  I go back and see my oncologist in early April.  He will order another cat scan and bloodwork.

   As far as your abdomen is concerned, do you get pains after you eat?  It could be diverticulitis - which is what I have. I have had 2 colonoscopies in the last 10 years and the first one I had in 2002 and it showed I had diverticulitis.  My gastro doctor at that time said to take Citrucel or Metamucil so I have been taking Citrucel since then.  I had my 2nd colonoscopy in March of 2012 as after I saw my oncologist in January of 2012, he mentioned to have a colonoscopy done which I did have in March.  Everything was fine. I also had an Endoscopy done as well for my esophageal tube and that turned out good also.

   I do have some stomach upset so I take Zantac 75 and just one pill a day. It does greatly help my stomach.  I was diagnosed back in the late 80s with gastric reflux. For a number of years, I never even needed Zantac only on occasion when my stomach bothered me, but the last 3 years my stomach has been acting up so I take Zantac 75 or even the drugstore's brand every morning.  

  Anyway, good luck with your stomach issues.  I would make an appt and go and see a gastro doctor in your area and you should be able to get to the bottom of it.

  Again, congratulations on remaining NED.



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