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Out of the Mouth of ENTs

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cometh I dont know, maybe he is just a slow healer??  But its NOT CANCER.........................   Back to the beginning as I know it, I was in recovery  but Diane said the Doc came and and told her she took multiple biobsys in different locations and theres no cancer  Thank God, although she reviewed the cancer under glass approach and the actual results would be a few days I can only thank she would not have said it if she thought she was premature or not sure so I will go with that.  I told Diane I can take the slow healer and I believe if these Docs reviewed theses sites this is not exactly a last treatment and life is normal again.  With some in fact many of us dealing with after effects months and years after the tx ends.  I just want to say a special thanks to (INSERT NAME) because you all need your name mentioned.  I said all along I thought I could handle the original fight but not sure I was up for it again.  As always those of you who have fought more than once assured me if necessary I could and would, those that felt the same as I did supported the thought but all realized if push came to shove we all would do what it takes to beat the beast.  So I will take the Title of the Slow Healer that Beat Cancer.  I just thank you all again for the famous words It aint cancer till they say it is.  I will sleep well tonight to compensate last night.  God promised me in Jeremiah 29 11 I know the plans I have for you they are for Good and not Disaster, To give you Hope and a Future, I took that promise last nite before going to sleep and he honored my acceptance.  I will be trying harder than ever to be more trusting and I have already apologized to God for the future failures that will come but I will do my best.  To rap up this note is just to thank all of you as I walked this journey and a special thanks to the Love of my Life Diane for being there as always. 

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They can pretty much tell with a high degree of accuracy if its cancer from the biopsy at the time.

I guess there are several factors involved.

But my ENT took my tonsils out, and before I woke, he had already delivered the news to my wife and mother that it was indeed STGII SCC..., no doubt about it.

Congrats ~ John

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palatable sense of relief, Mr. Ditto.  I'm actually choked up!  We get so close on the board, and you and I rode the same bus for many months.....you were right there in the seat next to me and we held hands many times, like kids whistling in the graveyard...I wanted your biopsies to be good SO BAD....I am SO SO happy for you, I want to dance you around the kitchen again and again. 

I'm going to ask that you remind me of Jeremiah 29:11 the next time I get into a fear dither.....is it a deal?  That brought comfort just reading it here tonight.  We forget so easily.



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Pam M
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Thanks for the update.  We'll take slow healing over no healing any day.  I'm sure you're still celebrating - keep it up.

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..and thank you too for posting that scripture....how nice to read and if I may also add, it was good to see you so human.....we have all been there...

Enjoy that good nights sleep.



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So glad you've gotten the best of news.. Very excited for you!

i hope it is your last scare! No one deserves this disease and all the little free gifts that come with it!

Carry on!


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congrats with the wonder news

keep in mind they gave you good news... so the thought of it is not bad until it is bad!  now your well on your continue way of good news

i was a slow healer also, some of us are, maybe the slower you heal the bigger the pain in neck you are. 17 years today i was told i have cancer. many will confirm i am a pain in the neck

also, healing is never fast enough weather your considered a fast or slow healer


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So very happy for you! You are not alone, none of us heal as fast as we hope to, but, bottomline all is good :-)

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Great News Ditto!!

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I don't know why some of us have to go through what I deem "extra" stress....but it is what it is.  I feel so blessed for both of us that we got a no cancer detected from our doctors.  Continue to heal, and believe life is good.  Sending only positives to you guys !   Katie

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Thank you for sharing.  I"m sorry you had to go through this but am very glad of the results.

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yes its been a long journey and still healing to do, I guess we all have one thing in common and thats the lingering concern about a reocurrance but its something we just deal with.. I am so thank ful for this site and all my new friends I have met, I would just love to see one big reunion with all the folks I have met, although thats not likely to happen I will cherish everyday I share and visit and reply to all the folks on line.  To be here to hopefully help the ones who are just now dealing with their journeys and to stay strong with the ones who have already traveled this route.  I also will always hold those we lost close to my heart and pray for their families.  I wish to again thank every one for their prayers and well wishes to Diane and i and looks forward to the day where this site is taken down because once and forall this dreaded cancer has been eliminated.  As a Polio survivor we call always hope, there was a time when that disease was once considered a national disaster and now its pretty much non existant, we can only hope the same for cancer.  Goodnite my friends.

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So glad to hear this! I've been waiting and thinking good thoughts for both you and Mrs. Ditto. :-)

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