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Update on Dad

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Hey everybody! I read you every day but I hardly find time to write something due to pretty busy weeks at work (I work in Finance dept. of City Municipality and it's this part of the year when Finance has the most work to do).

My dad is now 4 months post treatment (for those who don't know: BOT cancer with lymph nodes, rads and chemo). He finally started to feel better after New Year. His pain is not that strong anymore, lymphedema is much much better. His food is still mostly mixed and pureed. He is not that tired anymore and does not lay in bed mostly all day anymore.

He had his second post tx check-up today with rad onc doctor. She checked his mouth inside, looked and touched his throat (with a little light), felt the outside of the neck. Everything looked good. Much better than the last time. His throat is better now, still a bit swollen inside, but better. She couldn't see or feel anything unusual, so he is now ready for his first CT with contrast! It is sceduled for 29th January, so all your prayers are still welcome for that day.

We're a bit nervous what the scan will show so I strongly hope everything will be ok. I'm a bit worried because his lymph nodes before treatment were really big (on the left side of his neck the biggest package of nodes were 8cm large!!!). So it scares me that he might not respond completely to the tx, even though we can't feel anything and his neck seems completely clean. His primary tumour on BOT was not that big (T2) and doc can't see anything unusual anymore, but still... I have scanxiety Undecided.

Thank you all for your support and I hope and pray you all stay healthy! You're in my daily thoughts and prayers!


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Everything sounds spot on for your Father.  Yes the fear or as we deem it scanxiety is hard to get past.  But from what your saying he's doing pretty darn good !  I will keep you all in my prayers until and on the 29th.  And I'll be thinking NED all the way for him !   Katie

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for the up-date on your Dad. I had surgery in November 2011 that removed my epiglottis...for a solid year, I ate only mashed potatoes, gravy and soup, some yogurts....I'm now 1year, 2 months out and as of October 2012, can and do eat anything I want....tell your Dad , it will come

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I may be the poster child of scan axiety, and honestly I not sure we have an answer other than to trust your God as you know him and the treatments and doctors.  Even then we still need to hear the word.  I will have your dad in my prayers as we all will. 

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He finally turned the corner!!  Wonderful!  I think now he'll start measuring his improvement in weeks rather than months...truly I believe that.  It's still slow, but every week he'll be thinking "I feel better than last week". 

I know that scan time is a scary time....I didn't realize HOW scary till I had my own.  He looks good, tho....and the ENT can see so well with the scope and those mirrors...so relax a little, if you can....the scan is just double insurance.

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It gets us all...probably the worse the first scan, but even after four years, there is always a certain amount of scanxiety....

Thoughts and prayers for clean scans and a great report,


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Glad to hear that your Dad is making positive progress. Prayers for his first NED and many more!

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Pam M
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No feeling like knowing you're making progress.  Here's to more good news from you at the end of the month.

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He is that much closer to NED!!!  Feels better, looks better, eating better .....it's all going to be great!!  Totally understand the scaniexty.....that's what daughters do for Dads! Sealed


Keeping him on the prayer list and a special tuck in the pocket on the 29th ....tell Dad and Mom hello!!





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Thanx for your support and comforting words! It's so great that this forum exists... where I know I can share my thoughts, worries, happiness, and there is always somebody who listens to you and answers. It means so much to me.

I know I don't post much, but I read you everyday. I got great advice here considering neck massage for my dad's lymphedema. It is soooo much better now, his neck is almost normal, no swelling anymore. And he was in bed a lot, so I "kicked his butt" a little and now he is more active. But it was understandable when his pain was so strong he had to lay down and relax for an hour or two after each meal.

Now I'll be praying that his CT shows good results. If everything is ok, then he'll see his doctors in the end of March.

Thank you again! All of you can take credit for the fact that my dad was able to endure this tough treatment and recovery after. It's no walk in the park for sure.

I pray for all of you and hoping you will stay ok!

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Don't sell yourself short when handing out those compliments....

YOU are a major part of your father's success and recovery....

Thoughts and Prayers for a great scan report...


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your posts always make me smile Laughing.


Well, today dad got a written report from this check up. It says pretty much the same as I already told you but in more medical terms. It says that indirectoscopically and palpably they cannot see or feel any infiltrates. His epiglottis is swollen (which is probably the cause of his gaging and hard swallowing). On the neck there is nothing palpable (no swollen or suspicious bumps or lumps, nodes - I think)

On the neck there is hypo and hyperpigmentation and some fibrosis.


So, everything was ok considering he's 4 months out.

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What a great way to start your week-end......

Relax, kick back and say...Ahhhhhhhhh.


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I am so glad your dad received good news.  I am always happy to hear that things are getting better for people.  I hope he continues to get better and tolerates more and more different foods and drinks.  I bet you are relieved.

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