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Rang that Bell!

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Finally, Dan rang that bell this morning! And brought that mask upstairs in the hospital To his room where in being pushed in the wheel chair down the hall of oncology during rounds, he received a few atta boys and cheers.

He is thrilled! Although the IV drugs finally caught up to his need for sleep, and that's all he's done all day. But we'll deserved. He also got some small amounts of food down today, and only sick once. If he could have stayed awake during dinner, there would have been more!

Well, off to slumber in my narrow chair bed.. 

Thank you all for getting us this far! Now we wait for the baby steps forward!

hugs for you all!


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This is great news. Hopefully, all the rest of the journey will be much easier.

Eating is a BIG problem for my hubby, even with no treatment yet. Everthing tastes like cardboard to him. I try and try and all he manages is a breakfast drink now and then. I've told him he'll end up back in the hospital if he doesn't eat. His reply is "Why don't I scoop up some ct sh## and YOU eat that." Well, that ends that arguement. He's an adult, so what's a mother to do? LOL  Maybe once his treatment plan is set, he'll try to get a little more nourishment.

Take care,



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Great news, congratulations.  I will be ringing my bell for you.


 Keep moving forward (healing forward), relax, sleep and enjoy.





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That is so awesome! I will ring my bell for him first thing in the morning!

I hope he will feel better soon. Remember this is a long process and improvements are measured by weeks not days. I remember the 2 weeks after treatment ended were my worst. My throat hurt more than ever, my burns were intense, the thick mucus was terrible and all I wanted to do was sleep. I don't tell you this to worry you, I simply tell you so you'll be prepared. I kept thinking..."I'm done, why do I feel worse?"
At about the 2 week point I had a clearer mind and things slowly started looking up. I also continued to go for hydration for about 4 weeks after treatment ended, that helped so much! I always felt so much better after each hydration visit.

Keep us posted on how he's doing. I can't wait to ring my bell but it will have to wait until morning or I'll wake the whole house, it's a loud bell!!!

Take care,

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...and a giant WHOO HOO!!  Congrats on finishing the rads!  To this day, that day stands out in my mind as the best day during treatment.....even more than finishing all treatment.  Ok....now he's going to slowly start to mend.


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Awesome news...

A new beginning for the rest of your long life together.


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Well Great News is Great News! How about that for insight! Step by step; all we can do. Rick.

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Tell Dan we're so happy to hear that bell ring for you guys !  And you're right it is one small step at a time.  But soon all of this will be behind you.  Rest up and enjoy, you both deserve it !   Katie

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Congrats to Dan!  Now time for some well-deserved rest for you and a speedy non-eventful recovery for Dan.

Positive thoughts headed your way!



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It all just gets better from here on out :-)

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now you can get thru the short period of after bell issues, but you will make it.  As Billie said not to worry just to prepare, my worst part was the sever burning around my neck but as always it passed and I came out the other side.  Good luck and congrats.

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