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Kicking off 2013 with some changes!

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I decided a couple months ago that it was time for a reboot of sorts. I had trouble feeling like myself again after the treatments ended in June. It was a combination of a lot of things: the tiredness, the side effects, reduction in the size of the company I worked for (and a corresponding huge change in my responsibilities), and a general sense that I wasn't spending my time in a way that really mattered to me. My spouse and I decided it was time for some changes!

When I realized we would probably have to move when I found a new job, I felt immediate panic about moving away from the radiation oncologist who treated me, who was amazing. Things have a way of working out for the best, though, because when I contacted him to schedule my next follow-up I discovered he was leaving the local practice and I would have to switch doctors anyway! So that got me over the fear and I accepted a job at a company in LA. My oncologist gave me the name of the H&N specialiat at UCLA and I have my records on hand to transfer my care to him.

We're getting packed and moved this weekend. It's a short move (from SF) but some big changes for us. Our new apartment is a loft, and it's walking distance to my new job so I'll be able to walk to work. It's also a walking neighborhood so we'll both get a lot more exercise. We traded in both of our existing cars for one new car today. We're going to get out more and do more together. I'm a video game designer and my new company doesn't have an IP agreement that precludes side projects, so I can work on personal projects that make me feel like I'm using my time well.

I keep feeling a tickle in the back of my throat, which is probably my old friend thrush or maybe related to this cold I'm fighting off. It was one of the first symptoms of cancer for me, though (along with a swollen lymph node by my jaw). I have an ENT appointment on Thursday, and I'm scheduling an oncology appointment for ASAP when I get to LA. I'll mention that it was a synptom I had before the diagnosis of tonsil cancer and that at that time there was nothing visible to go along with the throat tickle. We'll see if UCLA wants to do a PET scan, etc. since it will be new insurance coverage. It's hard not to freak out about it, so I keep telling myself to focus on life and not on possibilities I can't control. 

So here's to rolling with the changes or, even better, embracing them! 

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It all sounds good.  Warmer climate, excellent medical facilities, less driving, and more walking (it is all good).  Once you have a clean check-up you will feel better and with all the walking your energy will return.  So you are a video game designer, how cool is that.


Keep moving forward.


Best, best, best,



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...funny how a run in with C can give us more courage to make bigger changes in our lives (considering most people hate changes, and avoid them like the plague)....Moving from SF to LA isn't really a small distance....if you were moving to Mill Valley, THAT is what I consider close...LOL.  Moving to LA would be like me moving to Seattle, distance wise.  AND, a whole new job!!  An exciting new job with more possibilities for your personal "style".  I'm proud of ya!! Smile

You're doing good!  I know the paranoia that some of those "old familiar feelings" of our pre-cancer days....your tickling throat is most likely to do with the rads....but good that you're checking it out....relief from worry is a grand thing!


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Ingrid K
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WOW, GOOD FOR YOU !!  As Phrannie says, maybe the bout with C has given us all a bit more confidence.  That saying, "Life is too short" definitely resonates a bit louder now.  So proud of you to take this big new leap.  And it sounds like the perfect new job for you. 

Wish you much success in your new endeavor and good luck in your new home.

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Congradulations for making the most out of life. It's all we can do. Life in a walking neighborhood is indeed exciting. Rick.

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Changes always shake our lives and make it better. Like others said we usualy make our changes in times when we are threatened (cancer is a good example Smile).

My parents also made a big change when my Dad was diagnosed with BOT cancer in May. They moved 70 miles away from their original home and now they live in my town. My mother was born and raised in small town and she got married there with my dad and then I was born... So, my parents never moved in their lives. But when this illness came... they had no choice. No family or real friends there, bit house they could not maintain anyomore due to physical and money issues. They were also away from me and my husband and their granddaughter... So they decided to make a big change in their life - so they moved closer to me. Now they live in appartment not far away from me and it's great. We are more together, they can see his granddaughter more often and is wonderful. So.. changes are good. Some changes we would never make unless we're forced to do them.

I wish you all the luck!!! And don't worry about that tickle in the throat - I'm sure it' nothing serious, but it is true that we're always afraid about every single pain, tickle, bump, after cancer.

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Your story makes me smile as even though it takes something as extreme as cancer, many do stop and think just what is the most important things in their lives. Your family felt coming together more closely is the thing to do, glad for you all.



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I was just sitting here thinking that I should make some much needed changes myself.  And then I see your wonderful, positive, uplifting post !  Good for you and your spouse.  Yeah life gets kinda screwie after living through bouts with cancer.....but there is life to be lived and darn it all that's what we should all be doing !  Laralyn thank you for this wonderful post...let us know once your all settled in.   All the best sent to you !  Katie

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New job – New digs – Warm weather – Cool lifestyle!

Change is good!! 



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Best wishes with your new endeavor!



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Pam M
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How exciting!  Seems like from time to time I develop "symptoms" that concern me - good that you're telling yourself to not dwell on the things that might drive some insane.  For the record - none of the odd things that have cropped up near scan times has turned out to be anything, and only a couple have turned out to be long-lasting. 

Enjoy the things coming up for you.  Hope you like the new doc as much as the last.

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I'm out here in LA too and my specialist is at USC and I love him!!! I did go to UCLA at the very beginning for a second opinion but it wasn't for me. Could have just been the particular doctor I saw but I wasn't happy at all. If you want more info I'd be happy to help you. Just send me an inbox and we will go from there.

Good luck on your move! I think you'll like it down here.

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