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Will be having biopsy Next Tuesday

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My PSA was/is 5.9, but worst then that, he felt a knot on the side of the prostate. So I guess I'm at least a stage 2 because he felt the knot, even though he said it was small. I'm already searching the internet to get an uppper hand on what to expect and ask. A radiotherapy clinic in Georgia (ProstRcision) popped up. In reading their booklet they only talk about how well they do in curing/treating cancer when it is confined to the prostate. Big deal. Of cousre it's easyer to cure if it's all confined to the prostate. All you do is remove the prostate. Cure rate is very high then. Oh well, does not apply to me so I'll keep on looking 

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Go out and get the book from Dr. Patrick Walsh's "Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer" and there other book's as well. I hope for the best in your battle against your prostate problem. I also hope and pray that it is not the monster cancer and if it is that you have caught it early.

Good lucky, Ralph

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A lot of items here, the psa score can be mis leading. You cannot say you have cancer just on the psa score alone. The biopsy is the true indicator of cancer.

The DRE did pick up something, this needs to be looked into and followed up on.

Depending what the biopsy indicates, this will set the Stage of the cancer.

Now donot think that surgery has a high cure rate. If the cancer has spread surgery is pointless.

The psa score is watched by the doctors and tracked, they look for a doubling of the score this will indicate problems.

I had the surgery, but it is looking like I might be seeing a return, this is according to my onocologist that treats prostate cancer. Just had bone scan yesterday due to pain in my pelvic lower back area.

My numbers are low but there is still questions that my urologist and the oncologist cannot explain.

Now they are performing the free or total psa test, this has a higher rate of indicating cancer activity.

Hang in there and follow thru, but before treatment look at all of the options and the side effects.


Good luck   Kurt

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Well, I had the biopsy. Not to bad. No pain, just a little uncomfortable. Now wait for the doctor's call next week.

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Praying for you.  Stay positive and focus on God's amazing grace.  That's what we're doing as we go thru my husband's recent diagnosis of cancer.  It's a hurry up and wait situation but God will bring you and us thru.

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