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high psa after seed impants

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My Brothers psa was 14  before seed implants.  At 6 weeks it was 7.2   Yesterday his 12 week psa was 20.9.  He has an appointment with the urologist today.  Should I be as worried as I am?

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I would not worry until the doctor appointment, because you can't do anything about it and then i would go and get a second opinion. Don't aways look at the psa for concern of your brothers condition.

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Wellcome to the board.

I do not know about the protocol your brother is on but the increase of PSA may be due to inflammation which is typical in radiation treatments. A dose of antibiotics may improve his conditions.

His doctor will give you a better justification for the increase. I would suggest you to prepare a list of questions and expose them on your next consultation. Include items related to the side effects he may experience in the future and what to do to counter the effects, etc. etc.

Best wishes for improvements.


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