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Not Good New for Best Friend's Husband

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Jan Trinks
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Hi all:


Steve (best friend's Beki's husband) had his broncospy yesterday and it is cancer after all and 4 lymph nodes involved are also cancerous.  The preliminary diagnosis is adenenocarcinoma.  However they feel it is contained in just the one lung and will have brain scan later this week to make sure it has not spread there as it likes to migrate there apparently.  After they get that done then they will go with the oncologist for the next steps.  Both are in good spirits and this news was not totally unexpected and now at least they know what they're dealing with.  I have been just all torn up about this as I know y'all can understand.  Our other friend, Debbie, told me last night, "Now did shedding any tears do any good, Jan?"  "It is what it is".  Now she's the friend who lost her husband on Halloween 8 years ago and he dropped dead from a heart attack.  And I know what she's saying is true but until you've walked a mile in our shoes with this beast I just don't know that one can truly understand how devastating this can be!  And no her marriage was not like mine and Charlie's or like Beki and Steve's.  Anyway please keep them in your prayers and I think Beki will eventually come to this site as she knows how great y'all have been.  And she will post on this site to introduce herself as well as check the lung ca board too!  Thanks so much for your prayers and continued ones and will keep you updated.  Today I have to sub for the second day in a row so that's good for me.  Take care and God Bless!


Jan (Basketcase)

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Continued prayers for Becki's husband, Steve.

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Unless you have been directly involved either through treatment or cargiver, you just can't understand....

You have been there girl... If anyone can be there for your friend and help, it's you...

You are more than welcome to be at my side anytime.


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I'm so sorry to hear this news.  Yes please let them know they will find comfort on board here.  My prayers and positive thoughts are being sent in their direction.  Katie

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