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ct results today.

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My wife received the results of her ct scan from last week. They said some of  her cancer has shrinkage and whatever hasnt shrunk are stable. There is no new growth either. The Drs. were happy with the scan results.

My question is, after four treatments, is this considered good results? Or is this pretty standard? I am estatic the chemo seems to be working. The Drs. want her to have three more months of the chemo than another ct scan. Is it a good assumption to think they will continue to shrink? I really dont know what to make of this. Maybe it was naive of me to think she would be ned after only four treatments. Anyone who has been through this let me know if this is on the right path? I am kind of confused. Thank you.

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The fact that her cancer is responding to the chemo is a very good sign. I wouldn't say that you are naive, but it would be quite something for her to be NED, at this point. You and your wife should be very happy with these results. Very good news!


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Thanks Chelsea, we are both very happy with the test results. The only bad part is the three more months on oxy,5/fu and avastin. The oxy is giving her a hard time though. The dr. said they will keep using it as long as she can stand the side effects. 

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I too think that sounds good after so few treatments. We are still new to this also but stable and nothing new sounds good to me! I hope your wife is feeling some relief.

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Thanks Jen. We are both encouraged with the results. I hope the next scan is even better.

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Good the scans shows response after four treatments......I've been wondering about this as my oncologist booked my scans two months apart  and I thought that was probably too soon to see if there was any change.     

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good luck joe in your tests. I will keep you in my prayers. 

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Awareness and Enlightenment come much later...

Good news for you at this point...holding the line with no new growth is good.  At this point, I think the both of you have to think that you will have a good response to this treatment....until you know otherwise.

There just really is no other way to think about it at this point in the fight...it's just too early...and you're just getting under way really.

And yeah, your expectations were unrealistic...but not having the knowledge of the disease always puts us at a disadvantage of knowing what the possibilities may be or....or what to expect?  So, that just goes along with starting out on the cancer road with no experience.  Your scrambling for a fix for your wife and you want to put it all behind you as quickly as possible.

But cancer is not a sprint...it takes alot of Time and Patience...and the ability and the attitude to make adjustments on the fly and keep a level head, when others about you are losing theirs.

Let's talk about this NED fellow for a minute...

He's a heartbreaker this one is...he can give with one hand - and then take with the other...just depends on which scan cycle he lands on.  

We have to be realistic about what NED is...and what it really means....which is just, 'no evidence of disease' NOW...the only way that NED becomes truly real is if we go 5-years with NO recurrences...we are considered medically cleared....although, that is still not an absolute guarantee...I've known folks after that time period who've had to fight again.

But, it's the benchmark that we base our cases on....

Time is the single element that defines or will define all of our cases....the more time we can stretch out...the closer we get. 

Until then, it really is a wait and watch approach...

I've had cancer 3x now, Rich...I've done the surgeries, the chemo(s), and the radiation....etc...and got clear and experienced recurrence...and then again...

Currently, I'm clear at 19-mos out now...my longest clear streak in just over 8.7 years of having cancer.

None of what I can tell you from that time will make much sense to you right now...in fact, you probably don't even want to hear it.  Still, it's important for me to talk to you about this today. 

With the things I've personally experienced in my own fight and the things I've witnessed here, I see cancer from a perspective that you cannot see - cannot, because it takes alot of time to garner experiences and gather various perspectives from folks with cancer.

Personally, I hope you and your wife wrap it up and get back to it at some point...I don't want anyone to have to fight out as long as I have.

For me, I'm winning the biggest battles of my entire cancer fight.....very late in the game...over 8 1/2 years now...winning now...at a time when one expects to be losing....

My last fight was very hard and I'm hopeful that it bought me some more time....I'm hopeful that it bought me the rest of what my life will be.

I like to keep it real here...I love the rah-rah...but I love to keep it even tempered too....it takes some emotional bursts to keep us in the hunt and out fighting....

But, emotions inevitably fade away and fail us...and that's why we have to keep it moving methodically like a business....and use those emotions to spur us and sustain us in the fight when we feel our spirits sagging and our will starting to wane. 

This is a good solid victory for both of you guys...and there's no telling what the next treatments will bring.  As long as she shows positive response, that is a good thing.

Best of luck in  your fight as you both move forward.


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Thanks Craig. I appreciate you taking time to help me better understand what we are dealing with. I am the type that wants to know what I am dealing with so I can better understand what i have to do to get better. My wife on the other hand, is the opposite. Which is pretty frustating when it comes to Dr. visits. I am unable to ask questions that I think would help us in this fight. So I depend on people like you who know what is going on. For that I am truly appreciative.

 I know this is just one small battle in a long war. I will do everything in my power to prepare my wife for this, without scaring her. It wont be easy, but the best things in life aren't easy. She is definatly the best thing in my life.So we will kerp on fighting until we beat ths beast! 

Thank you Craig for your help. I wish nothing but good news in your figjt. As always I will keep you in my prayers.

God Bless


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