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Mary Ann can use extra prayers

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Mary Ann is in the hospital.  She had her PET scan last week, and did not get good results.  Apparently the Doxil did not work for her. Her CA 125 also raised by 50 per cent.  The PET scan also showed fluid in both her lungs and around her heart.  They drained the fluid off one lung one day, and then off the other lung the next  day.   Tomorrow they are going to do a "pericardial window".  She will then go to ICU.  She is not sure how long she will need to be in ICU.

Mary Ann is worried about the progression of the disease.  She thinks it is still contained in the lymph nodes around the lungs and heart.  She is wondering what the next treatment will be.

Mary Ann is very weak and cannot even get out of bed. Please say some extra prayers for her recovery.  She says she is a firm believer in the power of prayer.  I also believe that.

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Mary Ann arrived home from the hospital the evening of 2/1. She met with thoracic surgeon Wednesday and received a good report. He took her off diurectic and indicated fluid issue seems to have been resolved. Mary Ann meets with oncologist next week. She is weak but getting some strength back. Nurse and physical therapist are coming to the home. Mary Ann will post again when her energy level is up a bit more.

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We'll be waiting.  It'll be a good day when she pops on here again.  You'll probably hear us cheering all across the country.


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