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Texasgirl10 update

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I just wanted to update y'all on Dawne. She is hanging in there. She has chemo every other Monday. It is rough on her but she is fighting hard. Her faith holds her strong. She will be having a PET scan on the 30th so please keep her in your prayers. Her younger sister (early 30's) was dx about 6 wks ago with stage 3 cervical cancer. It has been hard on Dawne because her sister lives in another state,she would love to be with her. She will have chemo and rads starting the 22nd, please keep her in your prayers too.

Some of you had ask about my Mom, broke her hip mid Nov. She has been home a couple of weeks and is doing really well. She has a PT come twice a week and is getting around wonderfully for her 82 yrs!!

Thank you all for keeping Dawne in your thoughts and prayers, she thinks of all of you often and keeps you in her prayers. Sorry it has taken me so long to update. I will try to do better (((hugs))) God Bless


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Thank you for the update. I was thinking of Dawn just today. I hold her in my prayers each day. Glad your Mom is doing well. Please tell Dawn we miss seeing her and think of her often. God bless.

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Keeping Dawne, her sister, your Mom and you in my prayers.  Thanks for updating us!

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thank you so much for the update! A couple years ago, we talked about each of us having a 'buddy' who would be able to keep the rest of us updated when we weren't  posting. 

It seems, though, that we have made personal connections - like you and Dawne - so, thankfully we can be aware of our sisters journeys.



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Thanks Janice.  Prayers and positive thoughts for Dawne.


Hugs, Jan

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I will be praying for Dawne. I'm glad your Mom is doing well.



Lynn Smith
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I have been thinking of Dawne.I hadn't read anything from her but knew she was fighting this beast again.I  read a couple updats and then nothing for awhile. Janice,Thank You for the new info/update.I just hope her tests are good the end of this month. Very sorry to hear about her sister's newly dx cancer.It must be hard.My sister was dx with BC last July 2012.Make 4 in our family

Happy your mom is better. Falls etc for the elderly are not good.I tell my aunt to keep her Life Line close by.Falll can be fatal and we don't want to lose her to soon. She's now 93.

Lynn Smith


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our dear sister in PINK, Dawne.  What an ordeal, now her sister.  Many prayers, and positive thoughts going in her direction.

Please keep us posted, when possible.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure in 2013.

Vicki Sam

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Alexis F
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Thanks Janice!  Positive thoughts and prayers for Dawne!

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I am sorry to hear about Dawne's sister. I am sure it is really hard for Dawne to deal with along with everything else. I will keep them both in my thoughts and send positive energy their way.



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Christmas Girl
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Thanks, Janice. I scan for updates on Dawne each time I visit here.

Hopeful prayers for her, and now her sister. (deep sigh...)

Kind regards, Susan

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You are so sweet to always keep us abreast of Dawne and we all appreciate it so much Janice.  Please send my love and prayers to Dawne with the other pinkies.


Big hug to you,

Sue :)

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Thank  you so much for letting us know how she is doing. From her picture and words, she seems like such a kind soul who has her soulmate and love of her life standing by her side.

I hope she can beat this thing. I always like her posts.

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Praying Dawne will get good news on her PET scan.



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Thanks for the post about Dawne . . . she is in our prayers . . .  Sue D.

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Thanks for updating us!  Let Dawne know that I am praying for her and give her a hug!

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I can only imagine how hard this is for you.  You are truly 


I miss Dawne and pray for her well being everyday.  Please give her an extra hug from me and let her know I have her back.  OMG .. I truly miss her.


Prayers for you and your family.  I will add your aunt to my prayer list.  AND I will continue to pray for a cure for all cancers.  

God Bless You Janice


Pink Rose
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Praying for Dawne, her family and for you and yours.



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Janice, you are such an angel for always updating us and I thank you.  Always praying for Dawne!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Dawne has been on my mind lately, I'm glad to hear she is hanging in there.  Chemo for IBC can be pretty harsh, like all of them .  Do you know which ones she's on?  I will be hoping and praying for the best for Dawne on the 20th.  Sending prayers for her sister too.  My MIL was in treatment for BC while I was...it was really hard on my husband.

I'm also happy to hear your Mom is doing so well.  Nice to have the PT come to her!

Thank you for the update!








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I am reminded once again what a special group of ladies (and some guys) are on this site. I do not get on as often as I should but, I think of you all often. Dawne and I did make an instant connection when we met. I am glad we live close enough to see each other some. We are planning to meet for dinner on the 25th. I go for labs and the hospital we both use is a good halfway point so we meet up in town :o) Dawne is a very special person. Cinnamonsmile you are right her husband is her rock!! He is a great guy and is totally commited to being there for Dawne! Linda, Dawne is on Navelbine.She will be having a trt on Monday. Thank you all for the prayers and kind thoughts for Dawne and her sister. I will let you know when I can on Dawnes PET, it is the 30th.

Thank you all for the prayers and kindness for my Mom also. I would appreciate some prayers for myself. I have a torn mensicus in my left knee so I am hobbling, I see the ortho Dr on the 29th. This is minor compared to what so many are dealing with but I would appreciate  it. God Bless you all!!

                                                           (((hugs))) Janice


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Prayers for Dawne, her sister, You Janice and your Mom!  Thanks for the updates and keep them coming!

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And thank you for the update!


I'm so sorry to hear about your knee!  Nasty place to get an injury!!!


Prayers to all of you!!!


Hugs, Kathi

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Sorry I am late in sending prayers to Dawne.  Thanks Janice!  You've always been so kind to update us.  How are you?

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Jean 0609
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How is your knee?  Are you going to have surgery.


Were you able to have dinner with Dawne?  We would love to hear about it.





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Thank you for asking Jean. Dawne and I did not get to meet for dinner Frown we had a conflict with plans at the last minute. I got a cortisone shot in my knee for now. I am hoping if I have to have surgery it can wait till summer. The shot is helping so thats good! God Bless

                                            (((hugs))) Janice

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I hope the corisone shot helps you Janice! 

Hugs, Leeza

Pink Rose
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Dawne is very lucky to have such a good friend as you.  Thanks for updating us and I am praying for her.


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Megan M
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So sorry you couldn't meet up with Dawne for dinner.  Hopefully you two can very soon.  You take care of yourself too Janice!

Hugs, Megan

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