Garlic and cancer

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Natural killer cells are very important in the fight, aged garlic increases them. (and has no smell) 


randomized double-blind clinical trial.


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    thanks tony

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    This is a little off topic, 

    This is a little off topic,  but,   I have been seeing  black garlic  at the store I shop at,  do you know anything about this,  is it different than normal garlic??  

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    Use of fresh garlic at home

    This is also a little off topic from the original post, but since were are talking about garlic and its anti-cancer uses...

    I recently attended a cancer nutrition seminar where the presented said that evidence suggests that to get the most cancer prevention benefits from FRESH garlic's anti-oxidant properties, you must peel it and chop or slice it and then let it sit for 15 minutes before putting it in anything or cooking it.  I started doing this but it is very hard to remember to let it sit before tossing it in a skillet, but I am getting better at this.  Just thought I would pass on the home cooking tip for fresh garlic to anyone interested.