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i was searching the net about the GBM STAGE IV for any treatment options. Has anyone can suggest me anything? My dad has a brain. Tumor gbm STAGE 4 . tumor is affect to left side and presssured to brain's speech center. 3,5x2 cm die size and its unoperable for surgery.My dad is 57 yo And we dont want to lost him.  also right side of my dad isnt work. what can we do (and sorry for bad english)  im waiting for all suggestions. thank you 


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    I do so understand your cry for help...

    I am beginning to understand that stage IV related to Brain Cancer -- ANY KIND OF BRAIN CANCER is not good.  My Mother has a brain metastasis from lung cancer (classified as stage IV lung cancer even though it is the brain tumors that are killing her).  She has had surgery and the last resort is whole brain radiation which we have chosen not to do.  IT IS NOT A CURE!  How depressing.  My understanding is that she will die a "neurologic death" as the tumors grow.  I'm coping -- it is hard.  My mother is 86 and has had a wonderful life.  

    Your Father is 57 -- too young to die.  Get with your oncologist for a FRANK discussion (kind of what we did with my Mother -- it was painful -- but our doctor was FRANK in answering some of the basic questions).  Our doctor said, there is no cure.  She WILL die from this.  With treatment or without.  Treatment will only add time (in our case, maybe 2-4 months of life) in hopes that a cure can be found.  He emphasizes that the whole brain radiation kills healthy brain cells and the tumors and the side effects are harsh!  She may die before she ever "recovers" from the treatments.  FACT:  85% of patients are dead one year after whole brain radiation. our case -- with answers in hand, we have chosen our course of action.  EITHER WAY -- we are doomed.  Going through the facts and being able to "quantify" the UGLY Pros and Cons was helpful in making our decision, BUT we feel we have made the right decision.  

    I hate to think you will end up where we are:  she will die with or without treatment.  What a harsh reality.  

    In your Father's case -- ask the questions:  Is there a known CURE?  Will he die WITH or WITHOUT treatment?  If the treatments they are offering are not a cure, how much extra time will the treatments give you (months? years? what is the average).  In your father's case -- ARE THERE ANY PROMISING CLINICAL TRIALS OUT THERE?  Your oncologist should know.  What about the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and ANY experimental approachs that are working for them?  I would even call them directly.

    With all of that information, you and your family get to decide -- what is the BEST approach for your Father.  So, I would do at least two things today:  get some frank answers from your oncologist and call the Cancer Treatment Centers of America -- they will hand you over to someone you can talk to.  

    I'm so sorry for your pain, your emptiness.  You are not alone.  It hurts.  You think all these years of research -- all the time -- the millions of dollars and yet they can really offer NOTHING for my Mother.  A last-resort, high-risk treatment with major Quality of Life (QOL) issue after treatment -- NO WAY AM I DOING THAT TO MY MOTHER.  She will die her "neurologic death" with dignity in a hospice when the time comes.  

    But your Father is 57 -- too young to die!  I do so wish you the best of luck!  I will put him in my prayers.  You will suffer, but be strong for your daddy and RIGHT NOW -- do whatever it takes to make him comfortable.  A knowledge of the facts and realities -- as painful as they were -- helped greatly.