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my moms liver cancer

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Hi, I have wrote before. My mom is 58 years old and has primary liver cancer that is also in her protal vein. She has had it since October of 2011. After her recession in November of last year they told her she would have 12-18 months. Since the surgery my mom has had chemo embolization done once and that didnt work and now she just went for the trail for the Y-90 on this past Thursday and we will found out whether she is a candiate for the y-90. I am so worried because I see that she is getting worse and in her last scan to spots on her liver showed up. She also thinks it has spread to her stomach. She told me on Saturday that she is afraid that she wont make it to my brothers wedding and that is only 62 days away. I am having a hard time with this because I thought she was going to beat the odds. My mom was always healthy up to the point that she got cancer. We are now in the 14 month and that only leaves 4 months left and my mom is afraid that she isnt even going to make it that long. My grandma is dying of cancer right now and is in her final stages. Her stomach is building up with fluid and she is very weak. Having my mom seeing her mom dying in front of her has brought down her spirits alot. She said she is going to have the same death my grandma is having rightnow. I need more time with my mom and need some advice on how to get more. 

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Don't look at the statistics.  Your mom is not a number, she is an individual.  I was given three months in June of 2010 (stage IV cholangiocarcinoma, mets to liver and spine and some pancreatic lesions) and I'm still here and doing pretty darn well!  If I had believed my initial prognosis, I'd have given up and not fought as hard as I have.  Hope this helps, I'm now fighting two cancers but am still able to run after my children and lead a pretty normal life.  And I'm looking forward to my new treatment regime to be as successful as the others.  Keep your chin up!

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I have just created this account because my wife, who is 57 was diagnosed with stage 4 in september of 2012. we met the oncologist and he told her after reviewing all the scans he could cure her. She went through 6 chemo treatments and he numbers for tumor markers, and pet scan sugar readings continued to drop. He decided to give her 4 more treatments over the next two months and the scan showed no significant changes. We have met a radiologist and are awaiting approval for the y-90 microspheres surgery. I am curious how many tumors you had to deal with. The radiologist stated she is not capable of liver transplant or removing of sections of her liver. Totally different than what the oncologist said early on.


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