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I am sore today!

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Hello everyone.

I haven't posted in a while but I'm still dealing with rising CEA. 

The Onc is doing all the tests he can think of to look for cancer.  So far a CT Scan (Chest, Abdomen, & Pelvis) and Colonoscopy are clear (no cancer found).  The colonoscopy was the first sence the colon resection - surgery is healing well. I'm going in tomorrow morning for a PET Scan, a MRI of the liver, and anbother CEA test.  I'll receive the results from this round of testing on Thursday.

Stage IV colorectal cancer really sucks!!! :-)

So, in spite of the rising CEA and all these tests...

I started WORKING OUT again.  I am lifting weights and teaching my 12 year old how to lift as well.  First day I was able to do ab exercises.  The next day I was soooo sore I couldn't do any abs. But I'm taking the weight lifting slow and so far I'm able to work through the soreness. I'm soooo out of shape. But I'm going to stick with this. Take it slow and take it one day at a time!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day today! And I pray that everyone receive positive results!!!




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Hope Thursday's results leave you smiling from ear to ear!


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I too lift weights as part of my exercise routine.  I learned long ago to lift on alternate days.  It helped!

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Good move on the exercise, Phil. Can't go wrong there.  Cancer cells don't like oxegen.  Don't over do it, though, while getting started.


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J, I hate to say it....but our oxygen sat levels are routinely between 95-100%.....even me with 2 major lung surgeries....7-wedge resections....and radiation destroying another 10% of my air capacity in my right lung.....

I still routinely pop 95-97%....everytime that I get tested.

Sat levels that get into the 80's...you get faint and can pass up....you really get winded.

The cancer/oxygen theory is a misnomer....

All of us are highly oxygenated....all about the same level.....some of us with cancer....and some of us not. 

So, if cancer does not thrive in an oxygenated environment......none of us would have cancer.

That's the tale of the tape right there....

Phil:  Good for you and go for it!


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Good luck on the scans!

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Stay strong Phill..

Strength physical will correllate to mental strength..

Best wishes .. My mom used to say.. with no pain and soreness you aren't alive.. keep it up..


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Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

It is very stressfull to take these tests and have to wait for results, as many of you know first hand...

And it is ESPECIALLY stressfull to have CEA levels climb and the Onc suspect recurrence...

And it is FRUSTRATING to think I went through 12 Folfox treatments (along with neurapathy, fatigue, and other side effects) and the treatments may not have worked...

And then to wonder what is next?  Erbitux or other Chemo? Additional Surgeries? The unthinkable?


HOWEVER, today is a gift! And I need to try and keep my mind grounded in the present and enjoy the day! And keep a positive outlook.  If not for me than for my wife and children.


Thank you all for your support once again!


Love and Light to you all!



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Hoping the fact that they can't find anything means that if it is there, it is small and manageable. It must be a stressful time for you and your family. Not knowing is so hard.


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I know in my case the CT scans weren't useful.  I now have to get PET/CT scans done on a regular basis in order to track the cancer more closely and stay on top of it.  If you do have something brewing, hopefully it will be just one spot that can be addressed surgically.  Keep us posted and good luck with the exercising!  Ann Alexandria

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I pray your results turn out good. You've had all the tests so if nothing shows up that will be great. Jeff

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Phil, what is your game plan to find options that work?

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i hope & pray you get good news!



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I am in the same boat, Phil.  My CEA is rising, so my Onc ordered a CT & PET scan and I also just had my second colonoscopy. Both the CT & PET looked clear; and my colonoscopy showed polyps developing but the Onc didn't seem to worried about them.

The difference between us is that I have not yet started chemo, that starts tomorrow.  Hopefully whatever is hiding in there, thinking it will grow and become something nasty, will get whacked my my treatment. 

Chin up, my cyber friend. We'll let you do your part, and our part will be to pray, love and support you as you face whatever comes along. 

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That soreness will go away before you know it!  I remember when I did ab work years ago in a gym class, the instructor stopped the class to make sure I was okay (I was reeled over in pain after every set of 10 crunches).  Well two months later, I was doing crunches with the best of them!  So sorry I stopped, keep going, you can do it!!!  And I think I'll start again myself!  There should be a workout discussion board, get us all going.

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I spent four hours at U of Michigan Health Systems yesterday.  Over an hour in the MRI test - staring at the top of the tube about an inch or two away from my nose. Then about 35 minutes in the PET scan tube. 

Now I'm waiting for the results.  Doctor appointment is tomorrow at 3:30pm.

Exercise update: I'm continuting to go to the gym and working out with my 12 year old son.  He is very enthusiastic about learning to lift weights. Normally he never listens to me (knows better than I do) but he is actually listening to me and doing what I'm showing him regarding learning the weight lifting exercises.  I also introduced him to a former professional football player at the gym, and attested that I learned how to lift from Joe. :-)  I'm sure that helped build my credibility with the 12 year old.

And we have been lifting on a rotation 1) Chest/Back, 2)Bicepts/Tricepts, 3)Leggs/Shoulders.  We have been doing cardio and abs during each workout.  And playing basketball in the gym for a 1/2 hour as well (son dooing more of the playing than me, I'm his ball return and pseudo opponent).

I'll get there!!!  If I'm going to face additional surgeries I want to be in as good health as possible.

THANK YOU ALL on your support and encouragement!  Knowing that others have trecked where I am going is sooo  helpful! And getting great advice and encouragement from you all is truly a Gift!!!

Love and Light to  you all,


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