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4 mm nodule on the right lower lobe

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I had no idea how many of us have this problem which I could not even think about it. I'm so sorry it's very hard for me to understand this but I guess it serves me right for smoking for 20 years and just stopped in the year 2002. So really its only been 10 years since I stopped and I just got the letter from my Doctor telling me don't worry its nothing, but on Jan 3, 2013 I had a CT done and I get this letter on Sat, telling me this about a 4 mm nodule on the right lower lobe of my lung. I have no idea what in the world does that mean will I live or am I going to die in a couple of months, I'm sorry but I have to think about my 14 grand kids and my 5 children plus what will this do to my husband. Okay, maybe I'm thinking to far in advance, my husband says its nothing but it's not happening to him and he's a smoker still (I want him to stop so bad) but the world is not making it any easier for him either, so he feals he has to smoke just to make I guess it better for him. I have no idea what to do next. 

         What do I do next? what is my next option? I have so many question's ? I have no where to turn? I'd figured I can come here and look for answer's but who's up at 1:28 AM  Since I've gotten this letter I have not been able to sleep all night. Well good nite to whomever is up at this time. I have to try and get some sleep. I doubt it but all I can do is try.


good nite


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it is very scary to receive notices of the type you just got and I get mad at clinicians who handle notifications that way so already I'm going to suggest that you find another doc if that option is available to you.  There are several things that can cause enlargement of the nodules: recent cold or bronchial infection, irritation from allergies or other exposure.  

A 4mm enlargement is still very small.  Much to small to biopsy with traditional means.  A biopsy (bx) at this stage would be very difficult to perform because it might yield a false negative.  Most likely your doctor will want to wait another two to three months then do another ct to compare for any growth or shrinkage.  The majority of enlarged nodules resolve themselves and return to normal.  

The most important thing you need to know right now is that it is very unhealthy to blame yourself for this occurrence.  IF YOU HAVE LUNGS YOU ARE AT RISK FOR LUNG CANCER PERIOD!!!  There are many factors that can cause lung cancer and it does no good to second guess why.  This board has many members who never smoked and were not exposed to second hand smoke.  

That said, if it is cancer, LUNG CANCER IS NO LONGER A DEATH SENTENCE.  Once in a while some members who have had lung cancer will check in to say hi and let us know that they have been cancer free or lived with cancer for ten, fifteen and twenty years.  They are not here often because they are out living their lives.  I was told 27 months ago that I had 10-15 months at best with treatment.  

If your worst fears are realized and it should be cancer, they have caught it at an early stage.  Early stage cancer is curable.  if you have any questions about anything please ask away.  I am often awake at 1:30 am after decades of working afternoons.  

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My mom had anal cancer back on 2010, no surgery was required, but chemo and radio. Her last CT in 2013 shows no recurrence. However, now it's showing two tiny noncalcified nodules 4mm in her right upper lobe. Her doctor has order a PET and the results will be ready in two days. I'm desperate, what does this mean? 

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Hi Licshane and welcome to the lung cancer survivor board.  I think her doc is being proactive as 4mm is very small.  Nodes can become enlarged for many reasons ranging from the common cold to cancer.  Most come to nothing.  I don't know about anal cancer, may types metastasize to the lungs so doc is erring on side of caution.  Most likely they will decide to wait and see.  They will most likely do another ct on it in two to three months unless the PET scan shows a high SUV.  They may decide to do a third line of chemo if they suspect the AC has mets. 

Again I know little about AC let alone what type she has but it is a good thing that It is not calcified.  If for some reason they suspect it is a new lung primary, 4mm is much to small to biopsy.  Please keep us up dated.  

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Hello, I completed tx for Anal cancer on 6-30-09, and on 9-23-10 I had vats for a 1cm lower right lung nodule.  My nodule was 7mm and the procedure when its that small is to rescan in 3 months to see if it grew, and mine grew.  4mm is very small and many people have lung nodules and they come and go.  I had a 5mm in my left lung last year and when I rescanned in 3 months it was gone.  These are not always cancer, they may be from a cold or inflammation.  These ct scans show everything.  Just breath and know that if this were a cancer, it will have been caught very early and very curable.  I am now showing ned since 11-11-12 and the plan is to rescan on 11-11-13.

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... plus one.


  1. Stop with the self-blaming talk, or a group of us will have to get together and come out there and smack ya!
  2. Don't jump to the worst possible conclusion. Best case: it's nothing. Worst case: they caught it very early.

Best of luck!

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