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Loving people I've never met...

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To my amazing Warriors and fellow Caregivers,


I have read so many posts and can't explain how full my heart feels just knowing you are all "out there" but close-by.  Truly, I have never met a more grounded, determined, compassionate group of people in my life and I am so glad I can call you mine.


My hopes?  Wishes?  Prayers?  I want you well and strong.  I want your dogs and cats and birds and tattoos and bells to keep giving all the joy they can.  I want your loved ones to keep loving and your doctors and med-teams to keep healing.  I want you to know I cry at your sad posts and laugh out loud at the fun ones.  Some things are on my mind and in my heart every night as I go to sleep and every morning when I awake...and you are all there.


I want you to know I BELIEVE and nothing can take that away.  Not even cancer.


Thank you for being here for my dad and me.


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You said it well Vee...that's how I feel about our online family...thanks for expressing it.

Say hello to Dad and tell him we too believe !!



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I feel the same way about the H&N family; they have scared me and cared for me.  They have told me to relax and keep it simple.  I pay homage to all those who convinced me to always stay hydrated and to keep swallowing.  Mostly, we stand together when all those around me don’t understand, they do.  Finally, they’ve helped me develop patience and hopefulness in the treatment process and outcomes.


Lastly, I hope your Father is doing well?





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Pam M
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Thanks for putting this into words.  Most, if not all of us owe a huge debt to the members here.  I would love to let everyone know what the group means to me, but I feel my words are too awkward.  It's a lovely sentiment you're sharing here.  Do well.

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Thank you Vee, I feel the same and appreciate you saying so. Thanks!


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I have always said I know how fortunate I am to have found this group before I started treatment....but like Pam, I'm awkward with words when I say how deep the gratitude runs.  You guys saved my butt emotionally and many times it was all the "practical" things to do that made my treatment more doable.  I haven't missed a day of being here since last March....because I still need to be in the fold....to be part of this amazing group of folks.


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So I have been bummed out this morning.  Just tired of being alone and having no real control over my life anymore.  I come to this site and immediately I find someone who cares so much about others they take the time to just post that.  You people are tremendous and I have been blessed to get to know so many of you.  You hold each other up with prayers and encouraging words.  You have given me good ideas when I am at a loss.  You emote love for each other in a real guinuine way.  Thank you for being here for me, each and every time I need you.  I hope that I can do the same for you.

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So well put all of you!

I did notice no mention of the goats......but I got over it.

Thanks to ALL !



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