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Transoral Laser Micro Surgery

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Has anyone ever had this and what was your results?  After almost six years my cancer has returned in the pharynx area of my throat. They are telling me that I am a candidate for this type operation. I will be visiting a large cancer treatment hospital in my state on January 23rd to consult with the surgeon on this.

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Pam M
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Never heard of it, but I hope you can get it scheduled and done soon. 

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I have said this to you before, but I'm not certain you saw the post.  From the standpoint of your emotional approach to this thing, it may be important for you to understand that this is NOT a recurrance.  Recurrances happen in the first three years.  This phenomenon is SECOND PRIMARY.  You actually have a second cancer, and it should be treated as such.  It whould be properly worked up,  and treatments should be carefully considered.  Some of us can be treated quite adequately the second time.  You would feel better about your situation if you clicked on my bio and read it; I am one such person as you.


Regarding the surgery they are talking about, transoral laser microsurgery and transoral robotic surgery are the two more recent surgical approaches to resection of oral cancer that are offering a significant advantage over traditional surgical techniques.  Less invasive, better results.  Most posters here are familiar with TORS, but have simply not heard the term Laser microsurgery.  Mr Sportsman, keep your  chin  up and go to this appointment with hope.  If they think you are a candidate for this surgery, they are telling you they think you can be cured. 

Your battle isn't over.  Any more than mine was a few years ago.


best to you





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I appreciate this information about it being not a recurrence of my previous cancer but a new cancer. After the Tumor Board looked at all my medical records, scans etc. they have deemed me to be a good candidate for this laser surgery. As I stated in my post the hospital I was going did not offer me this approach at all. I am excited to know that there is at least a possibility they can get this cancer with the laser. I am keeping all my options open until I meet with them later this month. As long as I have any hope I will continue to battle. Cancer does not define me, I fought hard before and can do it again. I do have faith in doctors but my greatest faith is in Jesus Christ who is the Great Physician. I will read your bio and I again appreciate your encouragement. Larry

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When my husband was diagnosed with cancer at the cervical of his esophagus, we were told it was a second primary and a rare place.  The first was laryngeal cancer and he had been NED for a year when the second cancer was diagnosed and due to location, and previous surgery, radiation, we were told inoperable.  So he underwent another 35 radiation and 7 chemo and apparently this took care of it (hopefully) and he has been NED since October.  I remember asking the specialist/surgeron if this was a reoccurrance and he said no it was a second primary with no spread just like the laryngeal cancer had no spread and yes he had a complete laryngectomy after undergoing 35 radiation and 3 chemo treatments.

Cancer is a beast and all we can do is fight it with everything we have plus good doctors that we are very comfortable with.  I had asked about laser surgery the first time but were told my husband wasn't a candidate and neither was he this time.  

Wishing you the best.  Sharon

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of surgery....and all I can say is WOW....I am so glad you are a candidate.  You had NPC, didn't you?  It's the new stuff like this that for me....being a nervous nellie about reoccuances and "second times around" scenerio's....that provides some relief from worrying so much about it coming back....a thought that attacks in the dark of night....I can feel better that there IS new stuff out there, and coming everyday if that scenerio ever becomes reality.


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