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Please Pray

Lynn Smith
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Joined: Mar 2011

Please pray for my daughter-in-law.She's been in the hospital for almost 4 weeks.Just before Christmas.She had pneumonia and a kidney infection.Her fever was 104 and 106.She was put on life support soon after going to the ER and pretty much been on it.They try to take her off but she must be put back on. Today we found out she needs it again.Never ending.My son and her mother are so beat down.My grandson is so distraught he has to leave and not go as much.He was there when she flat lined and when her blood pressure dropped.It's been very very hard.She has had every test there is.Even tranferred by ambulance to a hospital that does teaching and lots of knowledge.They are puzzled.They sent one test to Mayo and now sending it to France. it's for a cyst they found.Not because of all this but they want to take care of any other medical problems before she leaves but they can't get her stable to do it.She wouldn't make it.

With tears in my eyes PLEASE pray for her. She's only 38.Her family needs her.Christmas is postponed for her.Gifts food and a joyous time is what we're waiting for.


Lynn Smith

Posts: 1264
Joined: Oct 2011

Prayers in progress now!!!

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I am sending prayers for your daughter in law!

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keep her, you and the entire family in my thoughts. I will send some positive energy to help you all get through this. Have faith that they will find the problem and get it fixed.




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Lynn, you have my prayers and support.  I'm terribly sorry to hear this news.  Hugs, Linda

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I'm so sorry Lynn.  I am sending prayers and lots of hope.

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I am praying for her. I was just told from cancer care of Seattle that my cancer would come back, and my body was to week for treatment. That this cancer is rare and very aggressive cancer. THAT It would come back again. So yes I will gladly pray for you.and the rest of her family. I pray    God will heal her.

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Prayers coming your way. Keep the hope and strength she will get through this.

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so sorry your family is going through this..


good thoughts heading your way..



Lynn Smith
Posts: 1265
Joined: Mar 2011

Thank You ALL so much for the Prayers.Our family appreciates it. Our son went back to work today.Frist time in almost a month.I felt so sorry for him when he said "all he thought about was her".He was eating lunch and thought how sad his wife can't eat. He missed not being there today ALL day.He was happy we got tires put on her car so he can use it to go back and forth after work. Where she is now is 30 miles from his work and even further when drives home. Lot of dangerous interstate.

Thank You Muffingranma.I want you to know I will also be praying for you. Miracles happen and it will.Havent you heard that doctors arent always right.I've heard that some will say "you have 6 months and you live a long life".Your cancer may be invasive but doesn't mean those will for sure come back.I think we would be suprised how many mistakes doctor make as to TIME.It's better not to say anything than to make people think it will come back and possibly won't. Just makes one worry and my doctor told me that is the worse thing you can do is WORRY. I'm sure these doctors in Seattle are great but we never know.My daughter in law is going to a great hospital and they are puzzled with her.She was transferred there because it is one of the best in our area. They think they have  her better then she's worse again. She's in a good place but they haven't said anything about what is going to be done next.It all has been done by this staff of doctors. Just not kicking in like we hoped. Not soon enough.

Thanks Again to everyone. i've got to quit my crying and get my act together.

Lynn Smith


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Miracles DO happen. I pray she will astound the staff with a complete recovery.


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So horrible ..  My heart is heavy with concern.

Gentle hugs,

Vicki Sam

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I'm so sorry Lynn and will include your daughter in law and your family in my prayers.



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