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Muscinious type Ovarian Cancer with 19-9 tumor maker as well as CA 125

Joyce Pang
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Hi, I was diagnosized with muscinious type carcinoma ovarian cancer when I was 25 in 2009. I have recurrence every yr as well as debulk abdominal surgery. I just had a debulk surgery in Oct 2012 and in Dec, it came back metastasis to the lung(small nodules). Now, I am having oxilaplatin and if it doesn't work, will be on Avastin and Taxol. I was tested HER2 positive but not Estrogen and Progestrone. I wonder why I was put on Avastin+Taxol as it was used to treat Triple-negative(HER2+Estrogen+Progestrone) breast cancer. Anyone with this rare type of Ovarian Cancer-muscinious(19-9 mainly for indicator) and what's your regimen and survival/hope strategy? I was only 29 and I got so bit up and need inspriation and boost to live the rest of my life. 

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I never had this rare tyYou are  so very young to have this. I have never been on Avastin but I have been On Taxol. Taxol causes. Ben pain and you will lose your hair,but it will kill those nasty nodules and get you to remssion. Best of luck to you and please keep posting......Val 


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I am so sorry you were diagnosed so young.  My cancer was not the same type as yours and in fact, I've never heard of your type until now.  Like Val, I've never been on Avastin but was on taxol (and carbo), which worked for me.  I've been NED (no evidence of disease) for over two years.  You've been through so much already; you are clearly a very strong woman.  Try to think positive and picture the chemo kicking your cancer's butt.  You can do this!




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Hello Joyce,

  I am also on Avastin maint. for my stage 3c Ovarian cancer. I was dx in January 2012. My tumor was actually half Serous and Mucinous. I also had nodules on my lung and spleen. Avastin use to be used to treat metastic breast cancer you are correct there. I guess they said it was not effective towards metastic breast cancer. But I believe it was proved effective in ovarian cancer and said to prolong the life for a few extra months. You might want to google that...But I had a combo of taxol/carboplatin/avastin. I receive Avastin every 3 weeks. Though recently my employer has changed our insurance to Kaiser so I have an appt for a consultaion with the new oncologist. But I was supposed to receive it till march. But anyways if you have any questions about Avastin feel free to ask me. It doesn't really kill any wbc so you shouldn't get sick. Keep strong you will be ok. 

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Mucinous ovarian cancer behaves much like colon cancer.  Most of the knowledgable doctors who treat it use colon cancer drugs, instead of the traditional ovarian cancer drugs.  But there are still many gyn/oncs who try to treat mucinous like any other ovarian cancer.  If I was in your position, I would seek out a second opinion from a doctor who is experienced in treating mucinous ovarian cancer.

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