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A pink sister to a pink angel

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Mom passed away this afternoon. Her fight is over, her wings have spread and she is with all those who have gone before her. Remember that she is with you all and cheering all of you on in your fights against this terrible disease. 

warm regards


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Jean 0609
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Oh KarLee, I am so sorry.  I just read this on her facebook page.  Your Mom was an amazing woman and will definitely be missed here.  Her pain and suffering are no more and she can rest in peace.  Thoughts and prayers to you and your entire family.





New Flower
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Dear KarLee

i am very sorry for your loss 

i am lighting a candle  for Mom. She is with us forever

rest  in peace my dear friend


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Double Whammy
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Karlee.  I'm so sorry that you and your mom had to experience this.  I will miss her.  May she rest in peace.


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Karlee, thank you so much for letting us know.  I can only imagine how much that you will miss her!  I can tell that you are your mom's daughter, because I sense another very special presence.

Your mom was such a lovely lady and an inspiration and pillar of strength.  I can only pray that, when it is my turn to exit, I do it with the absolute grace that your mom did.  I am so very sorry for your loss.  There is a new star in the heavens tonight and I will lovingly remember your mom every time I look up at the night sky.

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Bella Luna
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Dear Karlee,

I am sorry for your loss.  Your Mom was an Amazing Woman.  I will always remember this "Miles of Love" Pink Sister.  May her memory live on in the hearts of those who loved and knew her.  I can picture her soaring high into the heavens just like her aviator!

God bless you and your family during this time of great loss. 






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will be missed by all.   She was a bright star and leader in life and will be a bright star in heaven.  It was truly an honor to have known her here on the boards.  Karlee I am so sorry for your loss and will keep you in my prayers.

Hugs, Judy


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I'm very, very sorry about your mom and our pink sister Kari. Although we were expecting it, it still hurts. She will always be remembered. I'm sending prayers to your family during this difficult time.

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I'm so sorry for you and your family for the loss of your Mom.  She will be missed.


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Her pain is finally over and she has gone to a beautiful place to join our other "sisters" who have passed. She will be greatly missed and thought of often. I will light my pink candle in her memory. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and the rest of her family and friends.  Gail

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your Mom was a true warrior. She had a true heart. So inspiring! Her "miles of love" always brought a smile.


Tender hugs,



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I am so sorry Karlee.  Your Mother was an inspiration and a hero to all of us. 


Hugs, Jan

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I am so sorry. I know I will miss your mom, she is one amazing woman and I am sure she will be guiding and guarding you and your brother. As hard as it is to know she has moved on, it is a
lso a comfort to know that she is no longer in pain.

Hugs and prayers,

Lynn Smith
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Very Very sorry for your loss.It's hard on us when we lose a Pink Sister.It seems to happen way to many times.Your mom fought a hard battle and decided it was time. She was tired.We understood. 

Thank You for letting us know.She'll be missed by all of us.  I think she was dx about the time I was.2009 and I remember her posts and when she made her decision just a few months ago. She fought  a good fight. Now she is a ANGEL watching over us. 

Lynn Smith 

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This message is for you Karlee.  I hope that you and your family are doing better with this terrible loss of Kari.  I also hope you know that you are welcomed on this board and we all would love to hear from you. 

Come back and let us know how you are doing and my deepest sympathy to you again.



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We will all miss her. I know that you will miss her so much more. Always remember that she will always be in your heart and watching over you from above.



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to read this news. Even when expected, it's hard to accept. 

Your mom was very special and will be remembered fondly.

Thank you for letting us know. Remember to take care of yourself as you tend to your family.



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Rest in peace pink sister kari





New Flower
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I send flowers to KarLee on behalf of CSN community.

The message says

… and there is sweetness 

in the laughter of all the stars…
and in the memories of those you love
 With Heartfelt Sympathy 
CSN Sisters and Brothers
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Hugs, Kathi

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I don't think any of us pinkies have the right words to express our sorrow for the loss of Kari.  She was a hero to so many of us that knew her from here and always so positive and encouraging to anyone and everyone. 

I remember when she posted that she was just going to live her life, free of chemo and seemed so happy that she'd made that decision.

We will always remember your Mother and always be here for you and the rest of your family Karlee.

Kari is an angel in Heaven and will be missed by everyone and anyone whose life she touched.

My sympathy,


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Megan M
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Once again, I find it so hard to write.  This is the worst news.  I had held out for a miracle for Kari.

I know whe is in Heaven now and free of pain and tests, but, I sure wish she was still here with us and her family.

My sympathy to you Karlee and your Brother for your loss.


Hugs, Megan

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But she has now moved, from in front of our eyes, into our hearts, where she will live on forever!


Hugs to you, dear one!



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too hard to post.....

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I am so very sorry for your loss. Your Mom, was a inspiration to me. I will mess her greatly. She will always be in my heart. Now she flies.

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My deepest condolences to you and your family.  Your mom was an amazing and very special woman.  She not suffering anymore and is now watching over you from heaven.  Many hugs to you.  Margo

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I am so sorry for your loss Karlee and for your family's loss.  Kari was a huge part of all of us and we will forever keep her in our hearts.

I pray that you will all find peace and remember how special she was.  I know we all will.

Continue to come on and post to share with us how you are doing.  We're here for you.


So sorry,



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I am so sorry for your loss.. Kari meant so much to all of us and will be sorely missed..




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Kari was a friend to all of us and she will always be remembered for her "miles of love". 


My sympathy,



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Christmas Girl
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Dear KarLee... Sending my most heartfelt condolences for you, your brother, family, all who knew and loved your beautiful Mom.

When I think of your Mom - our pinkkari09 - I see her mega-watt smile. That's how I'll remember her, always. She was beloved here, greatly admired. An inspiration.

With sincerest prayers for peace & comfort, Susan

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it is very difficult to separate the two.  Kari will always be with me -- smiling from heaven == her arms spread wide - stating 'miles of love' ... Vicki!  She is, and always will  be ...  1 of a kind, she did things on her terms, in her own way.  I am humbled to call her friend.

My thoughts and prayers are with you KarLee, your brother and extended family.

Vicki Sam


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Karlee, thank you so much for letting us know that Kari has passed on.  I loved Kari and will always cherish the memory of her.  No one has ever fought as hard as she did.

We will all miss her terribly.

My sympathy to you and your family.


With sadness,


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So sad to know that we've lost our sister Kari.  My condolences to you Karlee and your family.

I will always remember how upbeat and positive Kari was and how she helped everyone on here.

Praying for all of you,


Posts: 6587
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I love the way you worded the above...

Thinking of you..


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So sorry to read this.  Your  mom was an inspiration to all of us.  She really knew how to live life. xoxoxo Lynn

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Your Mom was a shing star here and will continue that in the heavens.  She was an amazing woman who fought hard and lived her life on her terms.  You have to respect that.  I will miss her posts as they were always informative and laced with a bit of humor.  Soar high, Kari, we love you!!




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Please accept my deepest condolences. Kari was a vivacious charismatic warm and caring person. So sorry to see her go. I wish peace and comfort for her. 



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So very sad to hear.  Thank you for letting us know, as you can tell, your mom was loved by all of us!  My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.  Even when it's expected, it's never easy, especially someone as wonderful as your mom.   I know she is smiling down on all of us from Heaven!

Hugs, Debi 

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So sorry for your lost,I will keep you and your family  in my prayers.with time it will be alright with God's help.Heaven just got a new Angel. ~~MollyZ~~

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Dear KarLee, my heartfelt condolences to you & your family for the passing of your Mother. She was a friend to everyone on this board.

Prayers and Love to all


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Alexis F
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Your mother was one amazing woman!  May she rest in peace now.  She will never be forgotten Karlee!


Hugs and lots of prayers,



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Gabe N Abby Mom
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KarLee, your mom was a very special lady.  I learned a great deal from her.  I will continue to hold her close in my heart.  I hope your happy memories will bring you peace, my sincere condolances.




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Please know your sweet mama will not be forgotten~♥


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Prayers for you and your family.





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With deepest sympathy...  We will all miss her. 

Posts: 234
Joined: Mar 2010

My thoughts and prayers are with you all !

Posts: 896
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I was so lucky, Kari had my name for the ornament exchange this year.  I have her note and gifts to treasure.  A true Pink Warrior, now 'home' at last ... we were so lucky to have her, here...

-much love & peace to her family,


Posts: 4376
Joined: Jun 2009

Miles of love to you dear Kari!

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 I am so sorry for your lost.

you and your family will be in my prays.

your mom will be missed, she touched all our lives and was a true inspiration to all.




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