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Sandwich chemotherapy

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I'm shopping around for liver surgeons. Found one who, "Has a large experience with sandwich chemotherapy for colorectal liver metastasis undergoing liver resection."

Can anyone tell me what the heck this means? Googled sandwich chemotherapy and got little. Does anyone understand this terminology?



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Sorry, but this term "sandwich chemotherapy" is something I have never heard of or encountered.  

In the past I remember being on some sites in foreign countries and they used terminology, etc. that I found very hard to understand and do research on.

Best of luck in your research efforts.  Remember to come to this site to let others know what you find out.


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Here is a link to a relatively old (1992) paper on the subject http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=2659823

Apparently it refers to doing chemo + radiation...either chemo then radiation then chemo again or doing chemo with radiation on off chemo weeks.

More recent articles reference this in relation to endometrial cancer below stage 4.

Hope this helps.

Marie who loves kitties

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Sandwich .. I don't find much either related to colon cancer on this subject however it appears to mean taking two approaches at the same time. Both Chemo and Radiation.. which is what is commonly done at the Neo adjuvant stage of Colon cancer and then surgery and then more chemo...

There is lots of talk about it related to Uterine and Breast cancers. Maybe someone on those pages can advise more..

I am going to look there too.. sounds like an interesting topic or term..


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Thanks everybody for your prompt responses! Have an appointment with this surgeon at the end of the month. He's from Montreal. Seems like it must mean combining chemo and radiation.

Thanks for your time.

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Sometimes a sandwich is just a sandwich!

I've never heard that term used that way either but it makes sense...

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What I'm hoping it means is that he has the ability to take a really screwed up liver and fix it! LOL


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Wonder if that's just a terminology?

Chemo-radiation-chemo again?

I've done that...for the lungs though...not the liver...you already know my liver story, Chelsea.

After the 2nd lung surgery...we started Irinotecan for 2 cycles...went straight to 6/wks radiation with 24-hr 5fu pump attached...and then straight back to 10 more treatments of Irinotecan.

Never called it a sandwich though...just adjuvant and neo.

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I hope Westie (Cheryl) chimes in here.    She recently had some kind of clinical trial radiation to her liver tumor (no chemo. though).    She had it done in Ont..

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