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6 month checkup

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I have to see my onc tomorrow for my 6 month checkup & blood test (tumor markers).

Don't know that I should be, but I'm nervous/anxious.

I'm afraid they'll find "something". Logically I know it's better to face whatever I have to face than ignore it...but still. Waiting for the blood to come back is the worst.

To top it off, I've been worried about recurrance lately, this being my 2 year mark as a survivor. I've heard if it's going to come back, the chances are the greatest now.

I'm posting here because I need to vent and non-survivors will just tell me to "suck it up" or something rather than understand.

Does anyone else go through this?

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What you are feeling is so normal!  I felt the same way--especially the first five years after diagnosis.  In those early years, I tried taking xanax while waiting, but found that I am one of the rare folks who can't take xanax, valium or ativan--all make me more anxious...lol.  I am just weird!  But most do find that class of drugs very helpful for anxiety related to this. 

This does get better with time.  Easier said than done, but try not to worry about it too much, because you have living to do! 

Big hugs and prayers that your checkup is great!!!

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Most women and men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer are anxious the first five years upon going to their oncologist and in doing tests.  It is true that recurrences are apt to happen the first five years.  However CC who responded to you was in her 22nd or 23rd year before  she recurred.  That is why no one would ever tell another "to suck it up or something" with the fear that everyone has with another go round with cancer.  It is very normal to be nervous, anxious and all that awful stuff.

Do remember that 70% of women never have a recurrence and live the rest of their life cancer free.  More than likely you might be a member of that club.  One just doesn't know who will be and who won't be.

As time goes by you will feel less nervous about the going to the doctors and having tests.

I have had so many doctors appointments and tests in past 18+ years, that I no longer fear them at all.  I never think about it except trying to remember when  I have to show up.  I believe there is no point in getting nervous over something that might never be.  If it is,  you will deal with it all in the same manner as you did when diagnose.  You will gather information and adjust your life accordingly.

In the mean time, try to remember until you know otherwise, your are a member of the 70% club, the pink sisters.

Best wishes for "all clear",





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Double Whammy
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Honest.  I'm 2 1/2 years post treatment and have an appointment on the 21st.  I've seen my MRI results (they were good), have had my exam (also good), and will have my labs and see those results before I visit the onc.  So by the time I get there I'm usually pretty calm - all the anxiety has been spent before my actual appointment, but it does happen, even tho I have symptoms to make me crazy.    I have a CBC and comprehensive panel, and I get myself in a tizzy about other things that might be wrong, too!  Or things that might be the result of the treatments.   I think it's just part of the experience,  unfortunately.  We get uptight before any appointment or test now because we've had the worst news and don't feel safe anymore.  I was very cavelier prior to cancer, even while waiting for biopsy results, because I just didn't believe it could happen to me.  Now I know better.

Don't worry, no one here will tell you to suck it up!  I so understand as I have a couple of friends I can't even talk to anymore.  We'll even fire up the pink bus and go with you to your appointment because we understand.

Best wishes for an uneventful visit.


Pink Rose
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Good luck

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Alexis F
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I go through it with every test!  I find that I usually have to take an ativan to calm me down.  I am glad you can vent here as it is a safe place for us.

Good luck,


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Thank you all for your warm, helpful words! The visit went well, no new lumps, lymph nodes were fine, etc.

Blood test results for tumor marker, CBC and hormone levels (he wants to make sure I'm still in menopause or if he needs to tweak the meds) come back Wednesday.

It is so wonderful to have a "safe place" to come to and a group of wonderful women who understand.


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