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spreading fast

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 RCC STAGE 4 I am back, i took some time away from this forum, since I posted last I had the lower loab of my rt lung removed with a 10mm nod-still have a 4mm one in the upper loab,after 4wks of sutant, I went for scan  and it grew to 6.5mm and also a new 6.5mm has appeared in the rt upper loab,onc says we are going to do four more wks of sutant, and see if they shrink,I just cannot beat this thing,I know time is short now.LARMAN  

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Larman, please don't think that way!  I dont remember if you have tried anything else in the way of treatment but there are alot of drugs out there to be had. Have you tried Votrient?  Quite  a few people are on it and their lung nodules, bigger than yours, have gone away.  The ones you mention are not that large. My mom who is 80 has one 3 cms in her lungs so please don't lose hope. There are plenty of options for you if the sutent doesn't work. 4 weeks on sutent is not a very long time, it my take longer or if it doesn't help then you will move on to one of the other 7 or so drugs out there now.   Please update us on what you have tried already.  Please keep us posted and promise not to lose hope.  Praying for you and we are here for you.  Keep your chin up!!

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mean "just can't beat this thing." ?  I know all of us on this board would rather be somewhere else. But we aren't. The thing to keep in mind is that we will deal with this thing as a chronic disease. Let the medicine do it's work. It may take a while and may even take a few turns but that is the nature of this problem. Sounds to me that you are progressing in the right direction. Stay tough.

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