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Doxil and sleep

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Hi Ladies,


Does Doxil make anyone else really sleepy?   I took round 3 on Wednesday.  All I want to do is sleep.  Drives me crazy to have so little energy.





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I was on it for 5 months and I thought it made me very tired. I didnt sleep  but just lacked energy.

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Hi -

I just started Doxil on May 1 and I am so tired I can barely move. My doctor acted like this was unusual- so I was really glad to see your post.  Can you message me and let me know if the fatigue improved over time? I am having other nasty side effects too and trying to decide if I want to stay on this course of treatment. Your experience could help me make  my decision.



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Since you're on Doxil, I assume you have recurred?  I have not had any more treatments of Doxil since the fifth one back in March.  My platelet counts have been too low the past several weeks.  Right now we're just oh hold. 


The fatigue has been a lot, but my dr. thinks a lot of it goes back to all the other chemo I've had since June '11.  I had six rounds of carbo/toxil, 3 rounds of toxal/ cistplatin, and now 5 rounds of Doxil.  But overall I haven't found Doxil to be too bad.  I do have a lot of problems with dry, itchy feet.  Thankfully my hands are fine.


Good luck in making your decision.  My dr. wants us to "wait this out" with my platelets if we can.  I'm going for a CBC every week, and see him every other week.  He hopes to keep me on Doxil since the disease is basically stable.  Increase in node sizes have been mostly very small.  As he says "mild" changes.  I'm sure he wants me to get as much out of it for as long as we can.


He did tell me Wednesday that there are other drugs we can try if needed.  He said when/if I am able to start back on Doxil, he will give me lower dosages.



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I have had 5 monthly rounds of Doxil.  I do think it makes me sleepy in that for the first few days I can - and want to sleep a lot later into the morning than usual and run out of gas a little quicker during the day.  Thank goodness I don't have nearly the fatigue with this that I did with carbo/taxol!  

I have had some other side effects with the doxil - a chronic skin rash among them.  I try to stay away from tight or scratchy clothing for the first week or so after a treatment.  Lots of lotion, bag balm, cortizone cream and a sterioid anti itch cream my doc prescribed help a lot.  Warmer weather has seemed to help as well.  I did have some really BAD stomach cramps - very unusual.  My doctor suggested I quit drinking hot coffee.  I did and no cramps or pain since!  Has to do not with coffee but hot liquids hitting the colon.  

Odd how these drugs effect us all so differently.  Hang in ther and good luck!


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I have just completed my 6th treatment and I have been extremely fatigued in the last month. I did have some bad skin problems after my third tx but nicotine patches 7 days a month have hepled that. My doc wants to keep me on this because it is keeping my disease stable. I have been fighting ovarian cancer since 2006. I have had a lot of chemo with many reoccurences and no periods of NED anymore. I was told the best we can do now is keep me stable. I am having another MUGASCAN tomorrow and then they will proceed with 3 more treatments of Doxil.  I hope I will be around for a couple of more years but only God knows this. Good luck with your future treatments.

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Hello, I have only had 2 rounds of Doxil, but I have also been very tired. Other side effects for me include a few mouth sores, sore feet, and my skin has been darkening. Look like I have been tanning, but barely been outside. My nurse said she has seen that before with skin changes. However, I have had a recent cat scan and no growth since last scan and my ascites has slightly decreased! Thank you God!!! Looks like Doxil can be a bit of a pain in the ***, but keeping us stable goes a long way!!! Good luck ladies! :)

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