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A New Scan & Lung Biopsy

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Hello All,

For the "newbies" who may wonder why I'm posting on this board, my daughter, Johnnybegood, is a 4+ years survivor of Colon Cancer, we are both members here and this is our "cyber family". Just wanted to clear that one up.

Yesterday, we saw the second onc at MDA. Next week, hubby will have another PET/CT(insurance permitting) to further determine the extent of his tumors. He'll then have a lung biopsy.

This doctor is pretty straightforward. If he discovers that the lung tumor is a met, he will probably treat with chemo only. No rads or surgery for the H/N or lung. Given hubby's various other medical problems, it's likely that his body wouldn't withstand those anyway and the discomfort and side effects would be for nought. If the lung tumor is a different primary, there's a small possibilty that Vats would be done on the lung and minimal chemo/rads would be used for the H/N with possible surgery. The prognosis is not good either way. He just has too many strikes already.

In addition, we went to the wound clinic for a foot ulcer which hasn't healed for months. He now has a special $50 shoe which enables him to walk, albeit awkardly, on his heel.

Also, did a followup at the Nephrologist's office. The kidneys are slowly recovering, but he must now see a Urologist to see what can be done to repair the damage caused when the Emg. "idiot" tried repeatedly to catherize him. A feat which can't be accomplished due to a previous botched surgery.

So, it goes on and on. I really can't blame him for wanting to "give up". But, I know that not our motto here. So, if I can just convince him to "put one foot in front of the other" each day, we'll trudge forward.

Will let you know more, after the tests.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.



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I'm sorry for your troubles....seems like some families just get more than their fair share. You have my prayers.

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Prayers for you and your loved ones as you fight the fight on many fronts.

You are a dear lady and a wonderful caregiver.

Wishing you all better health and more happiness.

Marie who loves kitties

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Sorry I'm a bit late with this, I always think of you and your lovely daughter. So sorry that your husband is going through this. Sometimes I wonder how many trails we can face in this world. But I know your husband will get through this, he has you and you have us and JBG.



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Wolfen, you are in my prayer and you daughter and husband.

I am sure you must be so stressed. I hope you find some peace.

Please keep us posted of what happens.

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I will try again to post my response - it just keeps freezing up on me. My heart goes out to you and your family - your husband certainly has a lot of issues right now. Wow. I will certainly keep him in my thoughts and prayers and hope to hear better news soon. This is just too much for any family. I've had so much trouble getting on the site lately that I haven't been able to keep up with much - I hope things are going better for Johnnybegood. I am thinking of all of you. Hang in there.


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Seems unfair. You've had so much to deal with. Good thing you're tough as nails as can deal with whatever life throws your way. Stay strong.


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I think about you and yoru daughter---and now your husband too. You must feel like you're in some sort of tornado.

I really do hope things quiet down for you soon. Your entire family needs some quiet, peaceful time.

From a former Arizonian,

Tommycat (and a big hug too)

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Wolfen, I have been off the board for a bit, due to personal problems and I am now trying to catch up.

I can only send you my love, prayers and many many paper hugs.


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