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Recently I have posted about the possiblity of a deck dissection, but backed off that until it becomes a reality, and I appreciated the many responses I got.  I will be having a biopsy under anestesia next week, for BOT review.  Im told I will be put under out why they run the tubes and send in the equipment to slice portions of the mass they are concerned about.  Can any one who may have had this type of biopsy have any idea what I might expect after I awake and since its out patient I will be home that same day.  Pain? Swallowing or talking problems?  Any heads up would be appreciated.

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My experience may have been unusual.  My biopsies before my treatment for BOT ccancer were done by a couple of general ENT doctors in my hometown.  The biopsy proceedure took about 3 hours, and I was really sore for two weeks.  I could barely eat or talk. 


The ENT oncologist who did my follow up biopsies under general anesthesia was much more skilled at this.  That procedure took about 15 minutes, and I was in IHOP eating breakfast two hours later.  I wasn't sore at all.


I guess you can take from this what you want.  The worse of the two results was tolerable.  Heck we've all been through worse, right?  And the better of the two was amazingly easy.



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I'm sorry you're going to have to do this.  You know I don't know anything about this type of biopsy, but memory tells me there are a few on here who will be able to tell you what to expect...I know I've heard others talk about this kind of biopsy.  Was your ear pain the deciding factor in doing this?  Are they thinking the cancer might have returned....I HOPE WITH ALL MY HEART that isn't the case.  Just know I'm tucking you into my pocket, and sending positive thoughts your way....


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BoT, hard to find primary.  I was sore when I woke up in post-op and slept through most of that day.  Was pretty close to normal the next day though it did burn at the point of the tissue removal.


Joe Cortney

Dallas, TX

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AirForce Vet
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Had this very  same procedure done in Oct 2011 to diagnose my BOT Cancer.  They first give you silly drugs prior to going into the surgical suite.  I was put completely out while the ENT surgeon did the Biospy.  It normally dosen't take a lot of tissue foe them to look at under a microscope. Then to recovery; if I remember right I arrived at 6:00 A.M.  and was home by 2:00 P.M.  After meds wore off only minor pain that Tylenol took care of easily.  Hoping all goes well



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David ended up having eight biopsies taken from the inside of his mouth and tongue on the same day. It they had trouble locating the primary so just took a piece here and there.  It was found on the BOT though.  He had a lot of mouth pain and ended up with sores, but since they know where yours is it shouldn't be too bad.

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you instantly come to peoples rescue for peace of mind.  LTS I hope I get the IHOP version, P51 we do not know the ear is still soar they say its residual pain, no concerns supposedly with Lymph Nodes the question is the small mass that is still causing me problems scarring or left over cancer.  But I decided to take it one step at a time and since the surgery is in the wait and see category I wanted some peace of mind for the biopsy which you all provided.  God I hate why we are all here, but I promise you I pray to  God everynite for all of you dealing with the beast and those beautiful and special caretakers.  Thank you all for giving me some peace. 

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There's nothing I can add.  My ENT did my biopsy on my BOT to determine if it was cancer...pain for about 5 days...first two days pretty bad...but then all good after that. :)

I also must say I thank you for those prayers.  I really do mean that.  Sometimes I feel alone and "crazy" .....then you come along and say you are praying for us all...and that made my day / night.  So thanks.  This c stuff is really hard, truly it is....but without it I would have never met any of you and not that anyone can understand this next statement, but there is also so much about me that I understand better.....some good and some surprising ...but the good out of that is I want to be better and I want to help others.

Always in my prayers as well...you and your wife ....and I'm praying this next course of action turns out to be nothing ..



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I had BOT surgery along with Jugular Vein dissection.  The BOT portion I hardly noticed, the neck surgery was a little sore for a short while.  Going through  rads was far rougher.  


If you have the biopsy you will do great.



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I had tongue cancer and have had several biopsys and they have never hurt more than 10 minuets or so. I have a high leval for pain though. Good luck and God Bless.


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My husband had extensive BOT surgery and was intubated for 3 days and in hospital for over a week. Came home on tube feeds...you get the picture, so can't really advise on just a biopsy. I am sure it won't be too bad. Hoping all the results are positive and it makes me so upset to know you or any of us on this site struggle even after all the treatment those with this cancer go through. I will pray for you and send positive thoughts.


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No worries...

Biopsy was pretty simple procedure and no pain. Just tired from the anestesia.


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I had two biospies the past several weeks. The first was a FNA (fine needle aspiration) where they basically took a syringe and drew some material from the mass in the neck. Partically zero pain and no residual effects. The second one they did under general. Three samples were taken: two were direct parts of the visible tumor on the BOT, the other was another FNA, not sure if was done orally or from outside neck. I think outside neck as there is mention of ultrasound being used. They also perfromed  several xxxscopy procedures.

I felt slightly tired that afternoon, mostly stress associated I suspect. The next day my throat was sore, no worse than what you would feel during like light strep. Ate soft stuff and by the next day the sore throat was gone. No other symtoms of the operation. My cancers are at BOT as well in lymph nodes along the right side of neck. 

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Pam M
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After diagnosis, they took several samples during open biopsies procedure.  I can't advise you on the pain or issues, because while they were in, they took my tonsil (we discussed this before-hand, and I agreed they could take it if it looked bad) - this made the post-surgery a whole new ball game.  Turns out, the tonsil had been clean.  The word the doc applied to my tonsil before the procedure was "mortified" - well, I was mortified, too.

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