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Acid Reflux Again...

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  I know I discussed this about four months ago but still having problems with acid reflux. My chemo ended in August but since then have had every test in the book and have tried about 6 different pills and still having problems. Have put the front of my bed up and tried many other  home remedies but nothing has worked. Has anybody else had trouble with this and any advice on how you handled it. Thanks and love and prayers to all.

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Glad to be done
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I only got acid reflux or heartburn a couple times and I just took a prilosec and it was fine..

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My family doctor prescribed Tecta 1 tablet daily (pantoprazole magnesium 40 mg) for acid reflux.

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Which ones have your tried?

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It bothers me also, i take prilosec but right now it does not seem to be helping much. i buy gin gin candy on line and it is the only thing that has helped me much. i also get triple ginger cookies at trader joes and they help also. ginger is really good for it, also apples and honey

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