FarmGirl how is your sister?

Did your sister have her first scan since starting Zaltrap yet?  I had a scan December 28th and the Dr. was pleased with the results. After 6 treatments my CEA was cut in 1/2,  lesions are shrinking and no progression.  We are going to contiue with another 6 treatments of Folfiri + Zaltrap. I still have stomach cramps/pain. Not unbearable but definitely uncomfortable.  Diahrea seems to be kicking more often.  I think I'm more tired as the treatments progress but am still able to work everyday for at least 5 hours except treatment week.  And guess what?  New Year resolution, do 20 minutes of arm weights everyday :-)  So far so good. Hope things are going well for you sister.

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    Trying to get a read on


    Trying to get a read on Zaltrap experience.............