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3 month check up today

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Glad to be done
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I had a 3 month check up today  and all went well.  Everything is normal...  My CA 125 went up  a few points but doc is not worried because I was getting over a stomach bug and had a bit of a cold when I had it done so we are going to re do it in a month.  She said see you in 3 months...  I was a wreck about this appointment.  It was my first real one since the last and first when was combined with follow up for my I P removal surgery too.

It's a good day.  Happy weekend


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to start the weekend with good news.  I am so happy for you.  It is hard to deal with checkups but when the news is good, celebrate it!


Karen Laughing

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I can imagine how much anxiety these appoinments cause. So great that it was normal.


How serious was your IP port removal surgery? Did they put you under? Did you need a ride home?

Sorry about all the questions; next week (Jan. 16th) I am going for the IP port removal and I get zero information from my doctor.


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I went for my 3 month check up about a month ago and it came out fine but I know what you mean by anxiety. Do you think that ever gets better as we go for more?  probably not but just something we have to live with. But I am thankful every day to be cancer free right now..

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Glad to be done
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Thank you ladies... I am glad to have it over with.  The last week I literally felt like I was going to puke. lol.  And it didn't help my appt. was originally schedled for last Friday but doc was sick so got rescheduled for yesterday.  Funny though...  After stressing for a week aobut and making myself sick, funny enough, I woke up yesterday morning feeling great and went to that appointment  and all was fine.  A friend of mine I work with diagnosed 3 years ago and she said the first few are stressfu then it becomes second nature for us....I guess I worried so much because I saw a little rise in the CA level.  She told me yesterday that I know that isn't a perfect marker and it was probably the bug... 

Alexandra - As far as the IP port surgery.  It was easy.  My doc put me under but it was very lightly - nothing like when they put it in or the hysterectomy.  My husband was there with me so he drove home.  I was tired after but pain wise ok.  Had a bump where the port was for a about a week or so then it was normal again.  Now I can barely see the scar.....  Thank you vitamin E oilSealed




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I'm glad everything went well with your appointment and that you were able to keep in perspective the small rise in your CA 125.  I've been NED (no evidence of disease) for over two years and I still experience a little anxiety with my three month checkups/CA 125 tests.  My last CA 125 in November was at 7, which was actually a rise of 4 points but my doctor wasn't concerned at all.  I'm still moving forward with my powerport removal on Tuesday.  I know I will be put lightly under and I too will have my husband there as my driver.  I'm a little nervous about the procedure but I know I'm lucky to be rid of the port.


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GLAD TO BE DONE: I am very excited that you had a goo 3 month ccheck-up. I am still in treatment. I have 10 down and 8 more to go. I had my 3 week check-up last week with the Oncologist. What disturbed me was that when you go for your check-up they do a CA-125 and a physical exam but no scan. What the heck..how are they suppose to know if you have a small turmor growing somewhere and you want to catch it early. The Oncologist said we kind of leave it up to you to monitor any changes in your body. This scares me. I can just see myself freeking out everytime I have a gas pain or pain anywhere else. I am also already freaking out about my scan at the end of my treatment. My CA-125 was 5 but it went to 7. The Oncologist said not to worry about such a small increase. I also has a bad cold when the test was taken which I understand can raise the CA125.

I am glad you are doing so well and if all goes right with me with NED I still would like to get together with you when you come to camp in Maine. I am the one that lives in Bethel. I noticed on one of the other support groups there are weekends and get togethers. I would love that. 




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2013-01-13Glad you are done...great to hear this. Enjoy being NED!...go shopping ..eat good comfort food..you deserve it.Stay strong..Val 


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