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Is there a reward for pain?

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My mom has been in alot of pain due to a tumor on her spine. She received 5 treatments of radiation. She is in more pain now then before. She haS been on morphine liquit (7.5 ml) and morphine pill (45 mg) for 4 weeks. Yesterday, we had a follow up with Oncologist we explained that the morphine is not helping the pain. While at the clinic she received a shot of morphine was in observation for about 45 minutes, but she was still inpain. He told us that the only option was the ER to get pain meds in IV. Really? I dont know about other hospitals but here we have waited 13 hours to be taken into a room. Mom didnot want to be in a chair with pain for 13 hours, so we came home. Oncologist prescribed a higher dosage of the liquit (10ml) and 60(mg) of pill morphine. Next tuesday 1/15/13 she will begin Torisel* once per week. Mom has not been able to eat for 3 days. She is tired, sleepy and has no apetite. Has been vomiting. WE are very worried. Her actual cancer has not been treated since may 2012. She is just so fragile, her eyes dont shine (if you know what I mean?), she has dark circles on her eyes and her moth is dry. I dont know what to do? help!!!! I have been asking myself if all this pain has a reward? I feel like a terrible ddaughter asking God to just take her, so that she wont suffer anymore. But, I dont want her to DIE I want her LIVE really Live!!!!!!!

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is the only word I can come up with that says how I feel about what you and your mother are going through!  I am so sorry about all of this - but you sound like a loving, caring daughter and however you pray - and for whatever - makes me know how deep your love is for your mom.  Have your doctors mentioned pain patches?  They provide a steady dose of strong narcotics through the skin - and you change the patch every 3 days.  They come in various dosages and are generally well tolerated.  My team put me on the Fentanyl patch and it has done wonders for me.  Oral meds (or even injections) seem to hit quickly and then just as quickly dissipate when a person is in severe pain.  I would wonder whether the combination of patch plus oral drugs might provide some relief.  Wouldn't hurt to make the call.   Then there is also the pump - a pain pump is inserted usually in the abdominal area and the mechansim is on the outside where the patient can (within a certain set of parameters) self dose.  These have specific safety precautions so that a person cannot accidently (or ?) overdose.  I'm ask about combo of the pain patch and the pump and see what works.  Perhaps a pain clinic - best one that has experience with cancer related pain 

 My whispered prayers are with you both!  Your role as caregiver is so beyond difficult!  You are truly one of the angels here on earth!

 LizB  -  Still NDY

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Yesterday we bought her some patches and it seems to help. I guess now is just a combination of patches, morphine and the right positioning to help aliviate her pain. Thaks all for the advice. I never tought about patches!!! My mind has alot in it sometines it seems to not work...!!!

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My husband & I have been praying for you & your Mom. I agree with the other post -pain patches & pump really help. You sould contact Hospice in your area. They can set you up with all of these things and more.They are great with answering questions and truly compassionate.

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Liz, you are an angel. Your mom may not be able to express her love and gratitude in a way you need to hear. And I can only hope you know she wishes she could. Have you had a visiting nurse come in an assess the situation? The have knowledge of and access to many services and options. Bless you and mom.

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Thank you for your prayers!!! I dont really know about hospice, to me hospice seems to be a service that helps when a person is dying. Am I wrong?

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