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Esophageal Cancer Post Surgery cells in Leg ; Help anyone have a similar situation

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All, I'm posting for another PA EC family. He had surgery in Nov. things went fairly well. no cells in the lymph nodes. Some trouble with the leg had started. They have been told there are cells in the muscle of the leg. Has anyone had any similar experience ? 

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I am sorry this is not particularly helpful, but in the three years I have been following and posting on this board I have never heard of an esophageal cancer recurrence in a person’s leg. Most recurrences occur in the organ structures immediately adjacent to the primary tumor, the lymph node system, or in bone structures in the thoracic area.

 I have to admit it gives me pause because the CT scans I get as a part of my checkups scan from my shoulder blades to my pelvis but do not include my legs. I guess if I had unexplained symptoms they would modify the scan procedure.

 Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

 Best Regards,

Paul Adams

McCormick, South Carolina

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Thank you for responding, I have posted on several boards, and also have not heard of this leg issue before.

They are going to probably reach out for additional opinion.

Keep on your health, hope things are well in South Carolina.

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