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I got a job!

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Started looking for a job a little over a year ago and no one seemed to want me.  I have 20+years of HR so I knew it would be rough.  Even had one guy freak on me and say the position was filled instead of interviewing me.  Cousin checked and they had not filled the position.  Between being flat chested and wearing a lymph sleeve and glove I don't present the best.  If I was couseling someone I would tell them to wear foobs and leave the sleeve and glove home, but I have this quirk about being honest.  Kind of what you see is what you get.

Anyway interviewed with the Diversity group at our local University.  Really wanted the job and they said they would make a decision the week before Christmas.  Didn't hear from them and was totally bummed out.  Then surprise!  Monday they called and offered me the position of Equity and Compliance Officier!  I start the 22nd.

I have so missed working and wanted a meaningful job.  God does answer our prayers we just have to be patent! 

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Good for you. So happy for you. Enjoy !!!!!!

Love Kathy

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Congrats Vicki!

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So happy for you..good way to start the new year....



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Congratulations!!! So happy for you. I bet it will feel good to get back to work..

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Wonderful!  Even better that you were able to get the job as you wanted :-).

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I am so happy for you.  xoxoxo Lynn

New Flower
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it is hard to get a new job after cancer treatment, I know from my own experience. and yes I did not wear my glove when I had my interviews for my current job.

Good luck on 22nd

New Flower

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We have to be on God's time and not ours. Diana

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I am so happy for you Vicki. I really have admired  your honesty and fiesty attitude since I joined the boards.

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Congratulations on your new job! What a way to start the New Year!!! 

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You sound like you are really excited to get started. Good luck and enjoy your new job!



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Dear Sweetvickid,

I am very happy for you, Congratulations!Smile


Can you report that man who took offense on your appearance and told you the job was filled?  I certainly would.  What difference does it make if you have breast or not?  It is irrelevant unless your going to be a topless entertainer or waittress.  People can develop lymphedema from other conditions.  Unless your arm is needed for hard work that should not even be a problem.  


Again, kudos and I wish you many years of enjoying your new job.  


Best to you,


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I love your story of truth .. and ability to persevere.  Prayers have been answered, without having to lie about your past.

Best of luck to you on the 22nd -- go out there and show the world there is life, after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure in 2013.

Vicki Sam

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