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5 months AFTER surg

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yes 5 months after surgery and radation, my site, the jaw is still sore, is this normal,tired of pain pills?

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It is and more than likely will be "normal" for a while.... The radiation alone is a gift that keeps on giving for several months, even a few years.

Just hang tough, communicate with your MD's and little by little, the good days will be more frequent than the bad.

Best ~ John

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I am 9.5 months out from surgery, 7 from my last Rads. I do not have constant pain but definitely still have discomfort & occasional pain in my jaw. It takes time for your body to heal. I know that can be frustrating especially when you are hurting.

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Hello !

I have had alot of numbness and pain in and around my resect area for better than a year.  Recently had a biopsy done of the area by the nerve that runs up along our neck to the back of the head.  What ever they did I had relief from that feeling for about a week.  Now that things settled.....I'm back to the numbness again.  I intend on asking about this when I see the ENT but am assumming it's out and out scar tissue in the area.  I'm wondering if they ever used cortizone injections to reduce the scar tissue ?  Will ask about this too.   Katie

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