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Can someone recommend a toothpaste

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Anything with any mint or other flavoring is burning the crap out of my mouth.  Trips to the drug or grocery store has yielded nothing that will work.  Suggestions please!!




Joe Cortney

Dallas, TX

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Call your dentist and ask if he can prescribe or get a tube of clinpro 5000 -- made for folks undergoing treatments.

I don't think it's minty.. They also have mouthwash, for folks that absolutely can't brush, that will kill all bateria while you are sleeping.

Hope my suggestion helps.



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Have you tried the Biotene toothpaste, mouthwash and dry mouth spray?  I usually purchase mine at Target as they seem to have the better price on average. I use it allot, but I also use Previ Dent 5000 flouride each day as well.

I understand the minty stuff as it brought tears to my eyes when I used it.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Bioteen has three...  one that is mint, one that is paste and one that is gel


i use the gel, it is amazing. for years my dentist could not stop the decay. he gave up and told me to find someone else. i talked to my ent and they sent me to University of Indiana Dentistry in Indy. They told me 8 years ago to use Bioteen. I now have very very few new decay. most all my problems are fixing the fixes from many years( almost 17)


put it with sonicare battery tooth brush and i believe you will have the best of the best. 


good luck 


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I might recommend toothpaste, but you have no cutout for the mouth (at least you have eye holes).  Still freaks me out.  I might need to drop Lorazapam just for visiting the H&N site.


What everyone else said plus most sensitive teeth tooth pastes.  I am back to using most any brand now, my tongue and taster can take it.


I have fluoride gel which I am remiss on using, maybe your post will be the boost I need.





Kent Cass
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Was advised that the sodium-flouride toothpaste is the stuff we're supposed to use- before, during and after tx. Only brush with it once, at night, and use Crest Pro Health in the mornings after breakfast. Biotene is also good, and have heard there's more good stuff. 


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Like Kent mentioned, it's one of the better which also gives you a good amount of needed flouride.

It might be too strong for you right now, and Biotene might be a little better... But flouride is a major thing for most of us that have had radiation..

best ~ John

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D Lewis
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Prevident 5000. Occasionally still burns a bit, but not as bad as regular toothpaste.  I can buy mine from my dentist, which is cheaper than getting it via prescription.


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Yea, I've been using Colgate Prevident 5000 for dry mouth for the last 3 1/2 years.  I've yet to figure out why all of a sudden it starts burning with use, and then won't do it again for weeks.  But it's not that big of a problem.  I just find it funny when I go to my Dentist to pick up a container, I'm never sure if I'll get charged for it or not.  Never had any dental problems since using this product.  And now after typing that statement, I hope my teeth don't start dropping out of my mouth.




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I use a combination of Denta 5000 which is a generic prescription toothpaste that contains 5000 ppm of fluoride (1.1% sodium fluoride) and Dr.Collins Restore which you can get on Amazon.  The Restore contains Novamin and is very mild.


I developed some areas of high sensitivity after RT and this combination completely eliminated that problem.  As I understand it the RT causes the saliva to change pH from neutral to acidic which in turn causes demineralization of your teeth, not good.  I actually checked my pH and it indeed had turned moderately acidic. I had good teeth going in to RT and I want to keep them.


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Hi Joe -

I use the Sensodyne brand - they come in several variant flavors. I stick with original. I brush at minimum twice a day using an oral-B battery operated toothbrush. I don't have the patience for the manual driven - the battery operated gives me better coverage. But use a light touch against your teeth - try not to grind away.

Use also a non-alcohol based mouthrinse if you can. I had problems with the minty flavor too but watered down the rinse 2:1 with water.

Watch for thrush - one of the souvenirs that dry mouth leaves you.

Consider scheduling dental checkup or at least cleanings to keep any eye on your teeth. Cavities are risk when your saliva production is compromised.

It's always something... :)

- Jeff

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Biotene seemed to work here or you could make yourself a baking soda paste and brush with that. Baking soda is very soothing and good with healing.

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SF 5000 Plus by Cypress Pharmaceutical.  This stuff is great, prescribed by my dentist.  Does not burn at all and really seems to be doing the job.

I am 1 year out from my last rad and I have yet to lose a tooth or have any problems.  I never went to a dentist before I started treatments / never had a flouride tx before or during tx bc things went so fast!!

Hope that helps.



Oh, if you had to pay for it yourself, mine was only $7.00 a tube.  I have to meet my 2013 deductible again this year ...so paying for all meds until I get to $500.00  :)

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I have the SF 5000 by Cypress as well as the Prevident.  I am 7 months post rad/chemo and can just now use them again. Previously, I could only use MI Paste by GC from the dentist. I guess it is actually a polishing paste but since I could not use the others, dentist said better than nothing.

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