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Honest....I'm not ignoring

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all the new posts.  I'm just having a hard time getting on here, and having the site work for more than the time it takes to answer one post...then goes into it's 90 minute spin....CSN, for all it's old problems did used to work better....it'd go offline for a day every now and then...but that was it.  This has been going on now, for weeks.  So, anyway...I feel terrible that I have been so scarce....blame it on the new software, ok? Smile  (the receipt of my apology hinges on if this post will go thru, of course...LOL).


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The response on this site is nothing short of horrible.  What I do is try and launch a page and, knowing it's going to take forever, open a new window and do something else for a while.  I check on the page every so often to see if the H&N page opened or not.


Pretty pathetic if you asked me.


Hope you are doing well Phran


Joe Cortney

Dallas, TX

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For the past week I have had all kinds of issues getting on, and had lots of concerns.. And there have been nights where I'd seen you post and upset that I couldn't read what anyone wrote!

Then there are nights like tonight where I am experiencing no issues (on a hotel's lan!) -- and no one else can post.


This is certainly sad at best.




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Pam M
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But I have no problems.  Then again, I usually only come on late at night.  Hope you all have better luck soon.

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The site generally works when the user count is in the teens. Once the site hits 30 plus, may as well go walk the dog or go fishing. I called to report it and AMAZINGLY they say nobody is reporting the issue? Can that be? Are you all not calling and reporting the issues? I was told my inquiry would be flagged as urgent and sent to "upper management".

Greta's name was mentioned and I said do not bother her as this is soley an IT infrastructure or support issue, nothing to do with feature/function. I ran out of time today to call via the corp number in Atlanta but tommorow I am going to start going that route. I can guarantee that I will get someone who knows who has the responsibility to at a minimum become aware of this rediculous situation and hopefully has authority to assign resources to fix the problem.

If you do call, please convey that data has been LOST! Your long time messages are gone! There are several ways systems are backed up. The schedule d server backups are taken each day and kept for some number of cycles. Depending on the DR (Disaster Recovery)/BR (Business Resumption) plans, offiste copies are taken and rotated. All these have time expirations so time is of the essence. The second tpypf of backup is ones taken during system upgrades like this site underwent. Any IT professional with more than 5 days on the job would take sufficient full backups before proceeding and have a recovery plan in case things go belly up. These are not scheduled and subject to the development or devops whims a bit as to how long they are kept. Typically once the upgrade is successful after a few days they lose their value anyway as the databases have been long since been updated with user activity since the backups were snapped.

For every post here, both read and written, make a pledge to call in and maybe we can get this sorted.

If I feel any movement in the next day or two I will try another avenue in and that is via a direct relationship I have with someone on one of the boards. I know I am going to keep putting the effort in to get this site to breath again.  It is SO SO disappointing to have such great folks here sitting in a mud hole. Take a look at the oralcancer boards. Now that is how it is supposed to be done!


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Phrannie I am with you.  I dong know hos many times I have wrote a response and the  it disappear after a long wait.  It oes seem like I get booted off a lot these days as well.

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When it's noted above that "Members online" is 30, does that means 30 users on the Head and Neck board ??  Or, the total users on all the specific cancer discussion boards ??  Thanks.


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into their bonnet, Don!!  This morning I've been able to read posts, answer two (three including this one)....I'm even going to dare to go read a PM....and there's 34 people on the forum t'boot!!  First time in 3 or 4 weeks I've been able to do that.  The pages move along, and you can switch from writing a post, reading posts, and answering lickity split....THANK YOU!  You do good work!! Laughing


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AirForce Vet
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No need to apologize.  Lately it's almost impossible to get on

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