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is it the last stages of cancer

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hi, i joined tgis website because my mom has advanced li er cancer. my grandma has breast that had soread to her head. when i went over the other dau it looked like she was eight months pregant. she had a blood clot in her leg about two weeks ago. do you think this is the end of the rode for my grandmaif so how long? 



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Hi Midnight22,

I don't believe anyone can say when "the end of the rode" is for someone.  Your grandmother sounds like she has something called ascites when the abdomen fills with an accumulation of fluid.  It can be drained I believe or treated.  If she was treated for skull mets then she has as good a chance of living many, many months and some do live years.  There is no cure for stage IV but women have been known to live many years with this disease.

I am assuming your grandmother's blood clot in her leg was seen by a doctor and treated.  There is an old saying, "prepare for the worse, hope for the best, live each day to the hilt".   Hoping your grandmother is receiving good treatment to at least make her comfortable.




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prayers and positive thoughts for Grandma as well.  Please contact her Oncologist, or Surgeon -- grandma may need to be seen immediately.

-Doris, gave some excellent advise - and information.  Hope, prepare and Live each day to the fullest.


Vicki Sam


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So sorry, sending hugs and prayers your way.

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