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Ready For Treatment

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ok, so im going to see the oncolgist tomorrow , it has been 3 weeks since my orchioctomy.

ct scans show 2 enlarged Lymph nodes in my "tummy " area about 2 cm

the urologist said most likely im faced with chemo, RPLND, or both.

the oncologist should be able to tell me when i talk to him, im also having bloodwork in about 2 weeks to check markers.


my question for you guys is: i live in nashville and if i need the RPLND ...is it ok to do it here in nashvile at ST Thoms Hospital , maybe Vanderbilt?

im trying to Avoid traveling, my urologist is DR. Benjamin Dehner and my oncolgist is DR. shih.

ANy advise would be greatlt apreciated.


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Hi Hectorv,

I'm not familiar with the hospital or doctors, but regarding the RPLND, I would ask if they use the "nerve-sparing" technique. I had my RPLND done over a decade ago and didn't travel to someone who did the nerve-sparing technique. I ended up unable to conceive children naturally from the RPLND.

That said, I'm doing well 13 years later, and I have three kids thanks to in vitro fertilization!

I hope this helps, and best of luck to you.

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