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I had a holistic nurse come to my hospital room!!!!! Very cool!

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Yup got a lady walking in saying she was a homeopathic nurse and can she help me with my pain and nausea , this was in the hospital of course. I said, LAY IT ON ME BABY!!!! She let me pick out my scented oils for aromatherapy, she turned on soft cool music and soft lights and she
did breathing exercises with me and laying on the hands and adjusted my chakra and smoothed my aura and centered my energy. She stayed with me 20 minutes and even though my pain pill was already overdue I didn't need one for another 2 hours. I felt great when she left.
Cool that the hospital was paying for that and an RN had got the training. I am still using her breathing exercises when I remember to, so I don't  need as many pain meds.
I didn't know I had a chakra, especially an ill adjusted one!
She was pretty awesome!
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you are too funny, and I am so glad you now have a well adjusted chakra

Seriously, though, that is wonderful that the hospital provides this.

You must be in California or somewhere out far West!

I forget when was your surgery, but obviously it went well


What do you do with the scented oils?


All the best


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She had me pick out the ones I wanted and put some in an airtight container which I kept. The aroma therapy was to help me focus my breathing by pulling the scent in with imagery of sending that beautifully scented oxygen to the places I needed. She was great.

I live in Charlotte, NC. my surgery was Monday the 7th. Doc used the divinci robot and kept me in the hospital untill Tuesday

evening. It will be next week till I get the path report.  It went pretty well, today I went to Target to walk around, husband drove.



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So glad it made you feel better.  When my Mom was in the hospital a holistic nurse cami into her room.  My Mom was not interested, but my sister and I were, so she did things for us.  We both felt better after she left.  My Mom was not impressed, but site roster and I, both nurses were very impressed.  

PICTURES hope your recovery period goes well.   In peace and caring.

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My local hospital (small city under 20,000 in NE corner of NYS) has , or had, a holistic nurse.  I didn't have my surgery there, but if I end up as an inpatient in the future, I'll be sure to ask for her.  I met her a few years ago at a coworker's place and liked her.  Not sure if she's still around.

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She must get turned down a lot by patients because she came in very hesitantly asking if I could use her services,when she came in my room the lights were off and I was pretty miserable curled up on my side. After I said YES PLEASE HELP ME, she started by saying if I was comfortable in that position don't move a muscle. She turned on a very soft light I didn't even know was there and started up some new age relaxing music, spoke vey softly and did her thing. I actually found parts of my body warming up, opened my eyes and just found her floating her hands over me, occasionally touching me. It really opened my eyes to the nature of our bodies and the energy we all contain. It was something else! She left me some paperwork  on some of the things she did so I can learn from it. I asked for that, she wasn't pushing anything other than peace,calm and relaxing.

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Gee, where do I go to MY Chakra adjusted?  These Eastern Traditions have been around for millenia.  If there wasn't something to them, they would surely have disappeared by now!  What a very enlightened hospital you went to!  And, I am so glad to hear your surgery went well!



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I'm now a firm proponent of complementary approaches to healing. (See my "roll call" response for all I've been doing to supplement my oncology treatment.) Whatever you can do that supports body-mind-spirit integration and promotes a feeling of well-being and capacity to heal is worth while. Good luck with your next stages of recovery!

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