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more than half way

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20 rads down 15 to go. Insurance denuied the Muguard but the hospital gave some bottles, thank goodness. Jeff does,'t mind taking it anymore since he can't taste it:_ But hard not to drink for an hour. So he drinks his bottle water that tastes like salt water. Everything tastes salty. And just takes the Muguard more often.

We find out about his weekly chemo tomorrow. We had to stop at #4 of 7 due to the ringing in the ears. Having a break didn't help-the bells are still ringing. I hope they will change the cisplatin. I have a couple suggestions.

Well off to #21 rad

Peasce to everyone


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I'm so glad to hear of the progress....it's no easy feat.  Muguard I wonder if any insurance covers it.  Mine didn't either....but the cancer center I went to always came up with some for me to use.  I never completed my rads as of horrid complications early in.....but I completely understand the pain.  I'll be sending positive thoughts for completion of treatments with little to no serious side effects !    Katie

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I was unable to finish my last chemo and just got my 3rd scan that was NED. I too had the salty taste through tx but when I finished tx it quickly went away. I had heard about getting a metallic taste so was actually happy when it was salty because that was something I was familiar with. I think it went away 1st week post tx if I remember right. Good luck.

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More than half-way is a good place to be.  I never had the salty, metallic or sweat sock tasting water (all valid tastes), if anything mine was vintage distilled water, kind of nothing.


Keep on drinking lots of water, swallowing may get more difficult, but just take it slower.  It seems funny now, but my life was consumed by swallowing and drinking water.


By the way, what are your suggestions?





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