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First ct scan today.

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My wife has her fitst ct scan today to compare against the first one they took back in october when they dx her. We will get the results back on monday when she goes in for her next treatment. Needless to say we will be worrying all weekend. Please keep her in your prayers for a good scan result.

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Have fun this weekend and try not to worry too much. Will pray for great results!

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Fingers crossed!!!

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Thank you. I will be hard not to worry about it, but I will do my best to keep her mind off of it.

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It's so stressful waiting on scan results. I can't think of anything worse. Often we have to wait two weeks between the scan and hearing the results. Will be thinking of you guys this weekend. Good luck.


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Good luck.

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I told my onc that I wanted results same day, I can't function until I get results. I would get an appt the day after scan if possible, the stress from waiting is too much. I get my scan early in the morning and onc nurse calls me by 5 pm. Then I get a copy the next day. Good luck with scan.
Sandy :)

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