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I am new to this board.  My husband is a stage 4 melanoma patient.  He has been in a clinical trial for a MEK inhibitor for over 2 1/2 years, which has worked for him.  He had a check up and CT (chet & abdomen) yesterday as well as an ECG.  On the way home he had an episode of memory loss and disorientation.  I call his doctor regarding this issue and was told to take him to a local ER for evaluation.  Tonight he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which we assume is metastatic melanoma.   We are devastated.  He has an MRI tomorrow.  What options are available for a large 2 cm X 3 cm lesion???  I know that his life expectancy is greatly diminished...12-17 weeks.  Has anyone had any experience with large brain mets???


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am new to the board today and my mom has just been diagnosed with melanoma....I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and sorry to hear of your news. i know it has been some time since your post, but i am praying for you and your family..Godspeed! lisa>>ralphie's wife :)

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My friend's boyfriend was diagnosed with skin cancer. They caught it in time and they had it removed but we are always worried it will come back. He is Italian so he never thought he would be at risk for skin cancer as they always seem to say it's fair skinned people who are most at risk. 

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Do not lose hope. There are many break throughs with metatastic melanome to the brain. It is important to look into getting into a study. We must keep the faith, and never give up. I was originally dx in 2009, and have been advanced to 3c, but have just completed a study and doing well. Many good wishes to your family.

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