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In need of support?

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Hello.. My names Lisa and I'm 18. I know this probably isn't the proper place to do this but I feel like no one understands. I lost my mother to Breast Cancer four years ago when I was 14. I guess I just never really coped with it. I still pretend like it didn't happen. And I was talking to my dad and he told me that I should try talking to people that actually understand? I miss her a lot and I'm not really okay with it having happened. I really do wish everyone who has breast cancer the best of luck and I have everyone in my prayers. It's  such a horrible thing, but I believe that the cure will be found one day.

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I am so sorry to hear that you lost your Mom.  I am a mom myself with a 9 year old daughter and a 12 year old son. I am currently in treatment for breast cancer and can see how hard it's been on my kids. Sometimes they pretend like its not happening and other times like I am going to die ( I'm not btw) . It must be very hard for any child to watch someone they love be so sick. I wish I had the right words to make you feel better. What I can offer you is my support an to be hear if you need to talk. I'm not sure where you live but maybe your town has a support group for people who lost someone to cancer. You can check with your local hospital. I know it's hard for people to understand what you are going through who didn't go through the same thing. I also believe this site has a board like that. I wish you the best and like I said I will be here if you need to talk.









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I am so so sorry to hear! At any age is is  hard to loose a parent. I lost my dad (car accident) when I was 19. We all ajust but never get over it of course. I try to go with all the good memories and not Dwell on my lose. (I am 53 and my mother died almost 7 yrs ago.) My heart breaks for you. Pehaps makes some scrap books of all the good times & just reminese when you really need to. I still keep a picture of both my parents in my car. (odd I know-but it makes me feel better)


Thinking of you..



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Hi Lisa and welcome, Sorry about the loss of your mom. I also lost my mom to cancer and I am not sure that you ever really get over the loss of a loved one, you just learn to move on. Talking about it is good. You are very welcome here, but there are support groups that are for this. I know the ACS has one that meets you could check into. You need to talk about. They have for your age group. Men handle loss so much different the wnomen do, I think. They do not talk about it and they do keep everything to thenself. I think this is why your Dad said what he said to you. I would again tell your Dad that you need help to get through the loss, that you are still grieving. Thanks for the well wish's.


Lynn Smith
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I wish things would have been different and your mom was still here but you do need to talk to someone.You're so young to lose a parent. We're here and maybe there's a support group for kids who lost a loved one to cancer or any other disease.I know they're out there.Check this out and you will meet many young people trying to cope with the loss of a loved one. Sounds like your dad wants you to talk to someone in the loss of your mom.

Just check in with us and we'll all be here. We help one another and we undertand as we fight this dreaded disease forever once dx. Always something like mammos, oncology appt, cat scans, MRI's and the list goes on and on.And the biggist worry "will it come back" or if it does come back treatments all over again.

Lynn Smith


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I'm so sorry about your mom. Anytime you want support or just talk go on member seach and get me. I would be so happy if I can help you through this. I lost a sister to cancer, I know it's not the same but it is just as heartbreaking. I come here a lot.


                                    peanutcat  (Cathy)

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