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Mom comes home tomorrow!

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I'm definitely excited and a little nervous. I know she's so excited to finally be home, even if it'll be at my house instead of her home... she's just happy to be getting out of the hospital. Despite both of her 'scares' due to an idiot nurse, she passed today's 'pop quizzes' (swallowing, etc) as her doctor called them with flying colors and they're letting her come home tomorrow. People are coming tomorrow to deliever her suction machine and food and such, and then someone will come every day to check on her. THAT makes me feel A LOT better. That's my reason for being nervous... I was shown what to do, and the nurses will show me again, but I'm so worried I won't do it right and she might get hurt or have issues. That suction thing looks pretty hard even if they tell me it's simple... She'll see her doctor Monday about getting stitches out, and then the oncologist on the 18th for the second step on this long road. I'm so proud of her, I honestly wish I could handle this as well as she is.

Tonight I'll just be getting the house ready for her, and setting up little welcome home gifts, and a nice board which I'll be putting nice messages on there from people as encouragement. I hope those of you that have said kind things don't mind if I use them! I know she'd love to read it.

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I know you are nervous (I was, too when my mom came home after her laryngectomy)....And as I said last night, my sister totally did the suctioning the first week or two...and seemed to have no problem whatsoever with it.  Like you, I was nervous that I might hurt her.  One thing you might want to get is a small flashlight....it helps to see down the trach to get goobers that aren't obvious.  Did they tell you to get a humidifier?  I know for my mom humid air was way more comfortable than dry air (up here in Montana, the air is dry). 

Everything is going to go fine....you'll see Smile


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Pam M
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I'm sure you are nervous about her getting out of the hospital.  I'm fully expecting to hear from you next week, saying "I can't believe how scared I was last week".  Good to hear that someone will come by to help every day - that'll be wonderful, I'm sure.

Happy you'll have her home with you soon.  Nothing against hospitals, but there's something about knowing you have your loved one where they belong.

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Def get a humidifier (unless you live in Florida Sealed) and if you are anything like your tough mom...(and it sounds like you are being the great caregiver) ..you got this just fine.  You will be great....

Keep us posted, say hi to mom and know I whispered a prayer this next phase passes quickly and well.


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Well I just got on here after many attempts! By now your mom is home, I know you are an amazing daughter and all will be just fine. If you have questions just let us know. Once you get the hang of being her nurse you will realize that it's not so hard after all. The home health nurses are usually very good at showing you how to do everything too so don't worry, I know you'll be fine.
Take care of you too! Rest and eat when you can. Tell your mom that she is in my thoughts and prayers.

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