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1 Year NED!

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Happy to say that I had CT w/contrast this morning and results showed NED! God is Good :-) During my journey and the dark days of radiation and chemo I lost sight of the goal and everytime I hear NED it reminds me of why I went through it all. To those beginning or in the middle of the journey, don't lose sight of the goal. Surgery was 1 year ago and I am 7 mos. post tx. this is my 3rd NED, each one sounds more beautiful than the one before it!

Wishing you all the same and thanking you for your support.



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Glad to hear good things.


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So Happy for you. I can only imagine your relief and happiness. We are having our first CT scan post treatment in a couple of weeks. Feeling the anxiety start to build but will be trying to only have positive thoughts. But, again so so happy for you. Wishing you joy and good health.


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Thank you, for being a good example, and for sharing good news - it helps us still in the trenches immensely!


Congrats, we are very happy for you!



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NED is good!



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Excellant 3rd NED....wonderful and positive news for all of us following closely behind you.  I want to thank you for sharing !    Katie

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Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!  As amazing as getting my own NED status was, it get just as big a kick out of everyone else getting one, too.  I love great news!


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Pam M
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Fabulous!  Keep up the good work.

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Great news Candi...and I pray your cousin and your brother are doing well too?  Still have them on the prayer list each day!!!

Your post of NED was truly a delight to read!!



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I knew you would all be there for me which ever way the pendulum swung. Happy it turned out this way and most importantly, I know your feelings are genuine as mine are for each of you. And, thank you Tim, my cousin and brother are doing fantastic!

God Bless!

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I hope this goes through this time.  Everytime I try to leave a comment I get booted off.  I am really happy to hear about your NED.

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Welcome to the clan....Abi-Normal here you come...


Though, I'm still confused...

First there was Katie, then she is now called NED... Now you too are called NED   ...how many NED's are there here...susel


Best ~ John

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Glad to hear it! Congratualtions! Thank you for sharing with us new peeps as well, it is very encouraging.

Blessings to you and future NED's!


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Awesome news Candi!  Congrats!!



Kent Cass
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leads to many more NED results, which are up the road for you. Congrats on the great news, that every one of us truly enjoys hearing about.



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Love to hear the NED's

all the best!!


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So glad to hear that word NED! A few more and you are home free.

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Nous Defions
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news and yes God is good!! I received my first NED exactly 2 months ago. I so look forward to the 1 year mark. Again, congrats!

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Wow, this is great news... I can only imagine what a relief must be when you have your scan and results come back clean!! It's like a new birth.... Congrats, and I pray that you have many more NEDs in the future!!

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